Top 10 PSone Titles that need to land on the PSN

Over the past several years the PSN has grown at a steady rate (Duh). The PSone classics selection, in particular, has had various support here in the states, but it just seems to be lacking. With all the titles that where originally released with the PSone you'd think there would be loads on the store?! But, unfortunately, there are only a select few to really choose from. So we decided to create a list of ten must haves. Since Sony reps do visit our site (You know who you are) we can only hope that they pick up on what we have said. Now none of these are titles that are already on the store. Nor are they titles that are going to be on the store in the near future. We have spent a long time really debating over these titles, and there where tons that we just couldn't set on the list. All of those that didn't make the cut will be mentioned in a separate article, "Honorable Mentions" in the near future.

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Lucreto3406d ago

I have a feeling that FF VII will appear on the PSN after E3. SE will be as Sonys conference and it is the release date for Advent Children on blu-ray. It would be perfect.

Ahmay3406d ago (Edited 3406d ago )

they were the shiz back then...

and how come my copy of Xenogears is only 2 disc? one of my favorite games ever!

NateNater3406d ago

FFVII is already on PSN. Its available from the Japan store and is supposed to hit the US store soon!

DrWan3406d ago

I don't think I will need GT2, there are more superior GTs out there on the PS2 and PS3 coming out with new GT. It certainly wouldn't hurt and some people may pickit up

ButterToast3406d ago

ya, I would take out GT2 and put Megaman Legends in there.

DaTruth3405d ago

GT2 was the end of GT for me! Once the game became realistic, it no longer appealed to me! Me and my friend use to jump cars over bridges and if you drive the NSX on its side you can jump another NSX over it like a ramp!

Glad he gave Tenchu the respect it deserves, I need this game on my PSP. Also Tomb Raider 2 needs to be on the list!(the only good Tomb Raider) Why did I sell that game?

stevenhiggster3405d ago

Definately, I loved Cannon Fodder, I was waiting for the PSP version but it seems to have been canned!

I would definately put GTA1 and 2 on the list and without a doubt LOADED! It was the first game I had on my PS1 and it was brilliant!

nigel6663406d ago

over here in Europe's Ps store, The lack of classic psone games sucks. For some of the games on there to be called classic is taking the piss!

Lucreto3406d ago

Yes Hogs of War
I still have it, is was excellent for the time. I think there is a sequel on the PC.

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The story is too old to be commented.