BioShock 2 multiplayer preview by Eurogamer

Tom Bramwell from Eurogamer writes:

" "When you think about multiplayer, the narrative a lot of times comes from the experience that you create yourself in the match," says BioShock 2 producer Melissa Miller. And while the game's not out until 30th October, Miller's already got a few stories of her own. "I was playing one match and I had a little area I was holding down, I had very distinct entries that I was guarding, and I would see people go by and I'd tag them with incinerate! If they were low on health I'd get the kill."

"And if not, you'd get an assist," lead multiplayer designer Mathieu Bérube chimes in. "Turrets are another f***ing great example of this," says Miller, warming to her theme. "I remember we were testing the game one weekend and I kept just going to one turret. As soon as I got in, I'd hack that turret and that became my little battle zone..."

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El_Colombiano3369d ago

This is what I hate about this generation. If a game has no multiplayer, people will bash it, no matter how masterfully executed the singleplayer may be. Call me old, but I always prefer singleplayer to multiplayer.

Lucreto3369d ago

I agree. It looks like Ratchet and clank and Uncharted have fallen into the trap.

Saying that Bioshock multiplayer looks interesting. Able to hack turrets and vending machines. Using big Daddys to attack the enemy.

ghostface3369d ago (Edited 3369d ago )

I understand what your saying, but to me singleplayer games are not worth 60+bucks, maybe with the exception for games like fallout that my have 30+hours of playtime.

gamesR4fun3369d ago

There was a day when single player ruled but no more. Bringing a game like this online only add to their value imho.

Lastlivingsoul3369d ago

I do agree that single player is better. I also agree that 60 bucks is a lot to pay for a game so getting more value for the money is a plus. As long as the campaign doesn't suffer, I think it's cool. First off, Bioshock multiplayer could be awesome, I remember wondering what that would be like throughout the first one. Also, I am pumped about Uncharted and Ratchet and Clank going online...especially Ratchet...I've always liked third person better than first.