High Voltage sending out 'thank-you' email to fans

"Once again, I really don't think there is any other third party out their like High Voltage. They're once again proving their dedication to Wii fans by sending out 'thank-you' emails to those that have contacted them in the past, as well as those showing support for The Conduit."

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WildArmed3221d ago

nice folks..

wheres my email o_o

phantomexe3221d ago

I can't wait to get my hands on the game.

FinalomegaS3221d ago

I should check my email.... 2590 unread... gwad!

hatchimatchi3221d ago

i trust high voltage to make a solid game, but i don't trust the wii fanbase to actually go out and buy the game. Why, you ask. HOTD: Overkill and Madworld come to mind.

desolationstorm3221d ago

Well you cant trust the wii fanbase but at some point more true gamers will pick it up and maybe go back and pick up the older games. Though I love the style and presentation of madworld the gameplay got old for me and overall I think I enjoyed NMH better.

N4g_null3220d ago

No one cares about how well this games sells the first day we just want to play it online! I'm sure most people here will not get it because they feel their HD games are better, remember their are lots of hardcore gamers that do claim to have a Wii. It seems they are choosing to boycott it oh well I hope they have fun with that.

The game will expand the Wii fan base along with the line up that is coming.