Console Monster: Star Trek: D-A-C Review

Console Monster writes: "I'll admit I'm not exactly a fan of Star Trek. Infact I can't stand the series, but then this is the guy who hates Star Wars as well. Bodes me well for writing a review on a game based around Star Trek doesn't it?

Well as it turns out, I could love Star Trek, but it wouldn't change the fact that Star Trek D-A-C for the XBLA is a pretty sub-standard affair. Games based on films tend to be poor, no matter what the franchise is; the developers never have understood that it doesn't quite work to replicate a popular series.

As far as Star Trek goes, this game barely scratches the surface. You are able to pick two sides, the Starfleet and the Romulan Empire, which if my Wikipedia skills are up to scratch, are both from Star Trek..."

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