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The folks at gave ArmA 2 a 4 out of 10. The (german) review says, that there are "so many bugs, you can't count them all" and that ArmA 2 -without the promised patch- isn't worthy a buck. The editor says "right now you better don't touch ArmA 2 and wait for the first patch!".

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morganfell3370d ago

I did some work with these guys and this game is a complete loss. They are still using left over code form the original Operation Flashpoint. Instead of building a brand new engine they just stripped down the code and then rebuilt it maintaining much of the original including all of the faults.

skwidd3370d ago

Sad news. This is a title I was really looking forward to. Im confused why they even released it the way it is. As a developer they should aspire to higher quality and refused to release it until its within a certain quality criteria. Here's hoping OF2 wont disappoint.

BattleAxe3369d ago

Even when you watch some of the game trailers for this game, the characters don't even really move their mouths when they talk.

shazui1233370d ago

Pc devs are lazy @ssholes. This game is more demanding of your hardware than crysis and shouldnt be. Crysis had crap coding too but taking that and that its laughably buggy and that console devs achieve what they do into account. Id say this is a waste of money. I have a super gaming pc but until devs actually take advantage of hardware like naughty dog or polyphony digital, theyre not getting my money, ill download both the game and config/mod files making it playable illegally, only money lost goes to rapidshare :)

moses3370d ago

Crysis had crap coding? What the hell do you know? Don't spew random crap you heard around the internet, use facts.

TheIneffableBob3369d ago

Yeah... generalize much? Just because a developer makes a buggy game on a platform doesn't make every developer on that platform lazy. It's a stupid claim.

Also, lazy is never the proper term. These developers work very hard. Money and time constraints would be more appropriate.

SpitFireAce853370d ago

OFPDR will crap all over this game

retrofly3370d ago

This is why they need to bring in that new law that stops games from being released with too many blatant bugs.

If they release a dodgy product they should be subject to the same rules that apply to all manufacturers.

Revvin3369d ago

Yet another in a long line of PC titles released with a 'release now, patch later' mentality. The first game was buggy as hell and poorly optimised with lousy AI and they still have not learnt from past mistakes. Its not right to pirate games but is it any wonder piracy is so rife when developers churn out rubbish like this?

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The story is too old to be commented.