Silent Hill: Shattered Memories screens

New screens for the upcoming survival horror title.

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chasegamez23403d ago

Why would i watch tv on any of my console
i have FTA satellite box and cable

Product3402d ago

hahah i have no clue what you're talking about

FinalomegaS3402d ago

Can you elaborate on what you just said, we are a bit confused...

On topic,

Looks good even though I had to pick between SH and RE series , I went RE for some reason back in the days. Think SH 1 had me itching to blow something up and I just didn't have the fire power I wanted. Those were donkey years ago, No SH looks to try and stay true to the foundation from the original, yet RE has gone on vacation in Africa hehe.

Would be interesting a 2 player co-op SH, no healing items just your partner can use a tazer to jolt you back to life, hmm that's an idea.

ndpad3402d ago

Looks creepy which is what Silent Hill is all about

Torch3402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

"Why would i watch tv on any of my console" that one of those "deep thoughts" we're supposed to ponder, or did you merely accidentally post at the wrong website?

I've yet to play a SH game, but I hear they're pretty fun. Is this game by chance another rail shooter?

infamous_273402d ago

Mybe he's calling the game an interactive movie..?

Tony P3402d ago

"I've yet to play a SH game, but I hear they're pretty fun. Is this game by chance another rail shooter?"

Nope. It's a third-person deal like all the other SHs. Also, there are no weapons. Avoidance and QTEs replace combat.

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Bnet3433402d ago

This is lame ... Wii is getting all the horror games. Resident Evil, Fatal Frame IV, and Silent Hill. Lame. Fatal Frame IV should come to PS3. Now my collection is phucking ruined. Tecmo is caca for that.

The_Firestarter3402d ago

FYI, this game is also coming out for the PSP and PS2!

Also: these screenshots looks really scary...which is great! >:)

G4drake3402d ago

whats the problem of wii being scary. wii can,t be scary?

Bnet3433402d ago

Yeah I know this is coming for PS2, I'm justa little pissed that Fatal Frame IV and the rail shooter RE games aren't on PS3 or 360. I'm going to buy a Wii, phuck it.

G4drake3402d ago

humm, you have money? i mean to buy a wii, since, wii are hard to find

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manwich253402d ago

That looks better than most Wii games, it must be the PSP version

leftbehindxp3402d ago

Those monsters look freaky. Plus, you don't have weapons in the game (right?). That's gonna pump the adrenaline so much. Can't wait till I get the crap scared out of me!

This fall looks great for horror games on the Wii. Silent Hill, Resident Evil, and Dead Space, great line up. I haven't been excited for more than one release in a while. Wonder what other horror games are gonna come out this year, can't think of any off the top of my head.

Product3402d ago

i hear you, no combat will up the difficulty i would think. Makes the game feel more creepy that way too.

Gr813402d ago

But more importantly the gameplay aspect sounds quite compelling. We'll see how it turns out.