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GO3: Gears of war about fun, not innovation: Epic producer

The Xbox 360's Gears of War may have sold millions of copies and garnered multiple awards, but that didn't stop critics from pointing out that the title's cover-based gameplay and gruff-marines-facing- insurmountable-odds storyline wasn't exactly breaking new ground. Epic Games producer Rod Fergusson has now jumped to his game's defence, saying that games should be fun first, and innovative second. (Gears of War, Xbox 360)

Mishmash19  +   2919d ago
One of the things that I do like about microsoft is their advertising for their games. You saw promos for games (Gears of War & Lost Planet) a few weeks before the games were released, which he mentioned was part of Gears marketing approach. I really thought the commercial for Gears of War "Mad World" was really intriguing and made me inquire more about the game, even though I did read about the game prior to their advertising. They did a good job building hype and interests in both Gears and Lost Planet. Sony is getting better now with their advertising. Instead of freaky babies or exploding rubics cubes, they do showcase their games now in tv ads (Motorstorm, Resistance). I was shocked in not seeing God of War 2 advertised at all with tv ads. I may be wrong, but I do not recall Sony advertising this game much. Luckily, it had a large following and had people, myself included, counting down the days of its release. But I do give MS props for their PR efforts.
The Snake  +   2919d ago
I saw quite a few commercials for GOW2. They were mostly on Adult Swim and I believe Spike TV as well.
ChefDejon  +   2919d ago
i always hear people say i cant wait till GOW 2 comes out. then im like it is out. even though there is a commercial out it hasnt been marketed that well
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Theo1130  +   2919d ago
yeah that marketing sucked
if they would have just shown a guy geting chainsawed that would have sold 5 milion more
kewlkat007  +   2919d ago
if thats was what they were trying to convey, then yes it was a fun game.
Odiah  +   2919d ago
I played Gears for the first time a couple of days ago.
I didn't really like it, the find cover, run, duck, shoot gameplay isn't my kind of thing.

I enjoyed that pinata game though, I want some in my back garden.
Funky Town_TX  +   2919d ago
Last time I checked I played
games to have fun. I don't know about you guys though. Now EPIC add some more online modes.
zonetrooper5  +   2919d ago
Epic will be adding one new game mode in the next update.
Hayabusa 117  +   2919d ago
Fun > Innovation. Sorry, but that's why I play games.
Adamalicious  +   2919d ago
I Can't Agree
I just recently played through Gears and I have to say it was the least fun I've had with a game in a while. I found it to be super repetitive with the "boss" and vehicle parts thrown in to mix it up being pretty lame. The cover system is sort-of innovative, but not being able to jump is retarded (you can't "mantle" over something without first taking cover - but your useless teammates can). I didn't find the cameras all that impressive - some cool new stuff, but they really choke when you are up close and personal with an enemy.

The dialog and "story" are, well, awful. I guess in the end I didn't see what the big deal was about other than the graphics - though I found the streaming textures more annoying than impressive. Skin textures are really weird to - look more like suede than human flesh. They physics on everything but the characters in Gears is abysmal and I found the AI to be far from "next-gen".

And I can't stand the chainsaw bayonet - I don't want my melee attack to take 5 seconds, thanks.

Oh - almost forgot - while the sound design is somewhat sub-par for "next-gen", the music is absolutely cringe-worthy in the worst generic B sci-fi movie kind of way. It gets all loud and up tempo at totally random intervals that don't correspond to what's going on in the game in anyway. I expect better from a blockbuster game these days. I had to shut it off it was grating on my nerves so much - but then there was no music during cutscenes or the credits? Yeah, I understand, but that's weird - certainly not the norm.

I don't mean to hate on EPIC or Gears, it's all just my opinion, but I was really disappointed with this game especially after hearing how awesome it was over and over.
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BBsin  +   2918d ago
I might get bashed for this... even though i bought a x360 just for GearsOfWar but.... It is Obvously not innovative (tons of fun but nothing NEW). There's nothing innovative about a title with the code name of "Resident Killswitch". GearsOfWar is a great game but anyone who actaully thought this game was innovative has not played Killswitch or RE4.

P.S. about Fun factor vs Innovation factor-
Both are very important in the industry. INNOVATION drives the future of the gaming industry and FUN drives the health of the industry. Both are good things, but if they keeping releasing gears of war games with no real new features then the franchise would burn out (kinda like Resident evil BEFORE RE4 was released). I wouldn't want to play a game thats not fun, but if i don't get some new technology or art direction the fun will eventaully fade.

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