Doom Classic Screenshots, Still A Work In Progress writes:

"id Software's Wolfenstein 3D Classic has been selling like hotcakes ever since it was placed in the App Store. People tend to gravitate towards these classic titles for the iPhone because they are games people have grown to love, and they usually bring back some fond memories. If the success of Wolfenstein 3D Classic is any indication of things to come, Doom Classic for the iPhone is going to be one huge success.

John Carmack is the technical director for id Software as well as the co-founder. He basically has had a hand in everything id has ever made. Carmack has been working on the iPhone version of Doom for the last several weeks, putting other projects on hold to get a working version of Doom Classic up and running. He recently updated id's website with a few new screenshots of the game along with a progress report concerning the games development..."

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