Rape games will be banned in Japan

Canned Dogs writes: "TBS news reports that all rape games will be banned from sale or production in Japan. It has been decided. It is estimated that this particular genre takes up about 10% to 20% of the entire industry but the PC software independent review committee has made the decision to ban all these games."

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Elven63407d ago

Kinda ironic how this move can destroy Japan's economy since it makes up a pretty huge chunk of the gaming market :P

KaBaW3407d ago (Edited 3407d ago )

Lol. Yea, it is..

Hmm.. apparently two people wanna be able to rape some polygonal characters.. =/

Mu5afir3407d ago (Edited 3407d ago )

The point is.. there is a double standard. In Hollywood movies, women are being raped left and right. Hack, the movie "Last House on the Left" had few minutes dedicated to rape of an underage teen. Is rape deplorable.. hell [email protected]&king yes. But as you said.. these are POLYGONS.

What's next? Ban shooters, because they force you to kill POLYGONS?

Vidoe Games already have a double standard attached to them.. If someone gets shot.. it's because video games made them do it. Now we are simply enforcing this stereotype by banning certain types of game / media.

What if the (WWF) World Wildlife Federation protests that killing animals in Deer Hunter is cruel? Would you agree? Or be outraged by the stupidity of the argument? That's exactly what's happening here.

This isn't about "rape" games.. it's about the ability to distinguish between a F%$KING game.. and REALITY.

IdleLeeSiuLung3407d ago (Edited 3407d ago )


Agreed! It's a stupid game, let people have it. You know what does more harm than crap like this, crossing the street, second hand smoking or reckless driving. How about focusing on things that matter.

cmrbe3407d ago

There is alot more at stake here than just banning Rape games.

I wonder if some Japanese men go on a raping rampage after playing these games.

Now think about what is happening in American Schools lately.

This decision is made by a bunch of people that think the we can't think for ourselves and know what is just fantasy and what is real.

TheDude2dot03407d ago

Why not ban piss and poop porn? That would be much much more useful.

FamilyGuy3407d ago

What if it sparks an increase in ACTUAL rape cases?
People who can't get their jollies in the game might try doing it in real life now.

Just a thought.
But it's not like people go out shooting others because they got grounded from GTA or something but i think this interest is nowhere near similar. GTA is played for fun by most, not used to in act a persons inner demon (not so much so anyways)

KaBaW3407d ago (Edited 3407d ago )

I'm not going to argue on this, since it's a double standard, as you said..
And, I agree with what you say..

But, a game where the objective is to rape a young women..?
Is this somehow supposed to stop rapes? Will it increase rapes?

Read what gaminoz said:
"A game that promotes rape as acceptable and titillating is not the same as a game that has rape in it (say as a plot line). A game that promotes the rape of an underage very young girl is even less acceptable (if there is such a thing)."

sack_boi3407d ago

Secret PS3 game canceled!

Tomdc3407d ago (Edited 3407d ago )

This is incredibly different and you'd be an complete idiot not to apreciate that.

Your so wrapped up in your own little world that all you can care about is the impact it will have on a negative stereotype of video games. If anything it's a step forward, the fact such titles have been banned is a good thing for the industry.

You make a comparison with movies but there is really no similarities between the two at all! In movies its to do with playing a part in telling the whole overall story, the reaction its going for is one of disgust from the audience. These games however are played by sick twisted people getting pleasure from the game mechanic itself! I dont want to get personal.. but to hell with it! The opinion you put forward is kinda disgusting although i might just be crediting you with more intelligence than you actually have because you would have to be completely out of your mind to say something like that.. i dont kno how you got all those agrees...!!? The fact you have to use F%$KING just to get across your pathetic excuse for an argument kinda makes your stupidity clear =D have a nice day.

IdleLeeSiuLung3406d ago

What do you say about people against video games especially shooters? You know, the people that blame us gamers for getting pleasure at shooting people (or animals) in game.... It is the same logic you use.

My opinion is that it might seem twisted to the person standing outside, because you don't comprehend it. However, it doesn't mean the person will go out and rape (or shoot) people.

Just for the note, I don't enjoy rape games nor do I have any experience with it. I do enjoy shooters though!!!

Tomdc3406d ago

nah in my mind it is very different, its a boundry and the comparison you make doesnt exactly work. Its like saying its ok to kill a chciken therefore its also perfectly ok to kill a human. Now a small minrity would disagree with killing a chicken (like a small minority would complain about violence in video games) but with a human life it shouldn't even be up for debate, in my mind this game shuld not be up for debate. Although I apreciate what your trying to say, i respectfully disagree =D

IdleLeeSiuLung3405d ago (Edited 3405d ago )

That is cool to disagree, as long as you give me a reason. Many just phantom disagree. I don't mind agreeing to disagreeing.

I'm just saying that you are applying the same type of logic that others stereotype gamers playing shooting games. Because somebody plays a shooting game doesn't mean they will go out and kill somebody. So why do you think that somebody playing a rape game is going to go out and rape?

What I'm saying is neither is causing harm and there are probably more death related to shooters than rape victims from rape games if you catch my drift. There is no proof that rape games causes rapes and in my opinion by supporting the censorship of rape games based on the reasons you gave me it is the exact same logic that the media uses to blame gamers for violence in society.

The logic you gave me doesn't really apply, because in both actions somebody or something is getting hurt.

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iBoReD3407d ago

I think that it's a good thing because the more people play these type of games the more they will want to try it out for themselves(Especially because most gamers can't get laid). Also, the media will blame the games in the end anyway.

qface643407d ago (Edited 3407d ago )

no no no no and no that's just silly to say
i play gta games allot as well as very violent games so yeah i guess i wanna go try and run over an old lady or i wanna take my dads gun and go on a rampage then right?
what's the difference?

what your saying is no better than what all the people that blame games say

gaminoz3407d ago

A game that promotes rape as acceptable and titillating is not the same as a game that has rape in it (say as a plot line). A game that promotes the rape of an underage very young girl is even less acceptable (if there is such a thing).

Yes, there ARE some games worth banning. Games with nudity or consensual sex, no. Games with unrealistic violence, no. But games with sexual violence, yes. I don't think too many women would agree with these sorts of games, and its them that should have the say.

Perkel3407d ago

@ above

soo you think woman must play this games ? NO !

BAAANNN SIIIMMMSS It destroys woman minds.

f*ck the double standards

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NMC20073407d ago (Edited 3407d ago )

Wow, just wow, I don't even know what to say.

I am against the banning of these games, not because I play them, I don't play PC games, but because the people who play them, what if America banned violent games from everyone, not just kids?

Not everyone on the planet has the view of Americans, what America thinks is wrong may not be wrong in other countries, like the age of consent, if I am not mistaken isn't it the highest in America?

All I am saying is, these games lasted this long so why the sudden change of heart? Why ban them now and not years ago? There is so much shiz in Japan that would come under a microscope and banned here in America, not because it's wrong but because America is a tight ass.

Sure rape is wrong in real life but it isn't ok to have fictional material about it? Is the only time use of rape is ok is in Jodie Foster movies? *sigh*

I feel like they should ban reality shows from America because that is one more thing that makes American sit on their lazy asses instead of exercising and being healthy, but that's my view, and only two people knew how I felt before I posted this and I am sure people would think I was wrong and say, well people are responsible for themselves and reality shows aren't the cause blah blah blah, and that may be true, but if you say the same about rape games then no it's different, rape games make you go on a raping spree just like GTA makes you steal cars and kill and rape hookers, and cooking mama makes you a homicidal animal killer.


I'm done, if this makes sense then cool, if not then I am sorry for not making sense.

qface643407d ago

hey hey hey lets not go all overboard now D; lol

no seriously though that wont happen since when its like that it revolves around a story just like they have rape porn and all that
they aren't just some dude randomly raping girls

Shadow Man3407d ago

The game is boring anyways, played it for 2 days and deleted it.

Homicide3407d ago

Same here. Thanks for the link though.

Obama3407d ago

Are you talking about rapelay? lol, yeah that game is boring.

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