All Things Midway Going To The Highest Bidder

Bankrupt game publisher Midway has today "established the timeline" for selling of its assets, studios and intellectual property to the highest bidder, meaning that Mortal Kombat and Joust could be yours... for the right price.

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Elven63248d ago

So what happens to Midway now? Meaning if someone buys the entire company will it be Midway or just the assets?

qface643248d ago

midway will be gone the name will just be old news just like acclaim and some of the other dead ones from the past

but seriously though do they even have anything worth buying?

DeadlyFire3247d ago

It will turn into vapor. There is a chance it can come back though. Just depends on what happens. Whoever bought the company last year for $100,000 bucks made an awesome deal for themselves though as they sell it all and are getting well over $33 Million or more. Auction price isn't final yet.

Acclaim still exists. In fact they signed a new deal in March to make two games a year for SyFy games. I don't know if its just publishing or making them or whatever, but either way its a plus for Acclaim.

dylantalon3248d ago

i wish that sony would buy the mortal kombat series and have it exclusive .

ps. the talon stands for talented

farhsa20083247d ago

as long as MK survives i dont care