TVG: FUEL Review

TVG had high hopes for FUEL, which promised to offer an expansive game world teaming with insane weather and even crazier racing. Ultimately, however, Asobo Studio has served up a barren wasteland filled with nothing to do, bland race events, and weather effects that are far less dynamic than Codemasters might have you believe.

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cranium3406d ago

Ouch. I was kind of expecting more from the supposed MotorStorm killer.

FamilyGuy3406d ago

I was hoping it would be good, no use in hoping for a new game to be terrible. And this is from someone who thoroughly enjoyed MotorStorm 1 and thought MS2 was ok.

sonarus3406d ago

i wasn't even aware that this was being seen as a motor storm killer. I have to say i am quite surprised that the game is sucking so much considering a lot of people pushed it as the greatest racer of this generation

ottoenie3405d ago

well, i still bought the game, and i think it's very cool, the landscapes aren't "empty", there are a lot of collectables, liveries you can find, and alot more, the racing can be a bit boring, but when you race in a thunder storm, it can be pretty hard, so this game doesn't deserve a 5, remember: everyone who writes a review is also just a human, and if "he" doesn't like the game, than it's a 5, well, i really like the game, and i'd give it a 8, but that totally depends on your taste of games, so if you like off-road games, than i think you are going to like this one.

ptotoy3406d ago

but thanks to the crapbox, this game was limited.. same thing will happen with dirt 2 and that's very unfortunate.. motorstorm 2 will still reign as king of off-road racers - only possilbe on a ps3 btw

Daves3406d ago

When you self hype things, have Codemasters ever said it was a MS killer, nope.

I'm REALLY looking forward to DiRT2 however. Internal studio stuff.

cranium3406d ago

I seem to recall several fanboys saying it would dominate MS.

Erotic Sheep3406d ago

Ugh.. was actually hoping this was good ;___;

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