DLC, Is It Worth It?

"There's a new dawn upon us in the way our games are delivered. When once it was necessary to get into your car, local bus, or walk to a store near you to get your gaming fix; now you can sit in the comfort of your own home and get a lot of your gaming needs. Games are now being offered with most of your online gaming services. Microsoft offers us XBLA (Xbox Live Aracade), Sony offers us PSN titles (Playstation Network titles) and Nintendo offers us VC titles (Virtual Console titles)."

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Yi-Long3338d ago

... a small percentage of the DLC is most definately worth the money, like the DLC for GTA4, or I guess the DLC for Oblivion.

Most of it is just developers being greedy, scamming us to pay extra on top of what we already paid for the full game, just for some new costumes, a few new maps, maybe some new quests, or a few new modes.

Most of the DLC that is being released is just ridiculous, and this whole DLC-scamming business is just making me 'boycot' those games. I'll just wait till they release the game, including the DLC on the disc, for a budget price a year orso later.

I don't like being scammed and I'm absolutely confident that this DLC scamming business will just create a gap between many gamers, and those developers who are 'nickle-and-dime-ing' us.

Why should we keep supporting developers like Capcom who are screwing us over with SF4 for costumes, or EA and all the DLC BS they pulled for Dead Space!? When gaming becomes this expensive because developers are becoming wayyy too greedy, people will just find other ways to enjoy their hobby for a price that's still fun and without feeling like they're being scammed, so they'll turn to modding and cheap imports. And rightly so.

I definately support and buy games and content that ARE worth the money, but I find it really hard to justify the purchase of a game from a developer that is using DLC to nickle-and-dime me.

For 50-60 bucks, I just want a complete game. Not buy it on day 1, come home, go online on XBL or PSN, and see costume-packs I should buy, or 'extra modes' or something.

rawrockkillz3338d ago

Free content is the way to go. That is one of the reasons I play most of my games on the PC.