GameFocus: inFAMOUS Review

GameFocus writes: "inFAMOUS comes from one of my favorite video game developers Sucker Punch. Sucker Punch created the great Sly Cooper games and their new game has much in common with that series both good and bad. Some fun and easy gameplay is mixed with some slight technical issues which bring the game down for those who are looking for a true super game to play on their Playstation 3. But the good news is that this Playstation 3 exclusive is a good game with a lot bang for your buck, but the game does lack a lot of key features most gamers would expect from a big PS3 game but what it does offer is a lot of action, explosions and more action on top of some wild gameplay."

+ Good graphics for the most part
+ Good music and voice work and great environmental sound effects
+ Parkour is very well done
+ Good overall story and character interactions make the game interesting from start to finish
+ Two ways to play the game by being "Good" or "Evil"
+ Your powers are well done and allow for some wild gaming moments


- little graphic issues are everywhere from jagged graphics and texture pop-ins
- Overall side missions need more variety
- Stiff facial animation is distracting during cut-scenes
- no Co-op or multiplayer

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solidjun53404d ago

...but the scale of the city is AMAZING! When you do a drop from a tall building, it almost feels like a roller coaster where you get that feeling that the stuff you ate 1 hour prior getting is coming up. Plus the controls of the game is so tight, it's ridiculous. One thing I loved about Assassins Creed (that and the story [not the ending] and that's about it realy) was that you can climb just about anything and it was fluid. Same goes here but the combat is robust and I love the Hero/InFamous guy angle Sucker Punch did. GET THIS GAME!

cranium3404d ago

I preordered it and the store said they'd call me when they had it in stock, but they haven't called yet and I can't bother to go over and check. I've decided to wait until Saturday to go to the store to see what's up. Must be cause I live in Canada.

WildArmed3404d ago

This is the BEST open world AND best super hero games i've played yet.
simply mindblowing.
You'll DEFINITELY play the game twince
(good n evil) since they have different storyline.

and the first run for me was about 25 hours long ^^

SeanScythe3404d ago

Coop and multiplayer shouldn't be con as long as it's not part of the game you can't fault a game for not being a multiplayer. The game is a single player so that con is void.

WildArmed3404d ago

yes, but i dont think they really deducted points for it.
its still a sold 10 in my book
but a solid 9 works too ^^