GameFocus: Games Junkies Pre-E3 Podcast

GameFocus writes: "A new episode of our weekly podcast Game Junkies is now available for download.

This week, we talk E3. What we would like to see, what could happen as announcements...we go nuts!

You can listen the latest podcast, past episodes and special interviews by accessing the "Podcast Page"."

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housegroove763284d ago (Edited 3284d ago )

wow, these guys are delusional and ignorant. Especially the one guy who says the Sony would win E3 if they brought out PSN gold. PSN gold would consist of faster DL times. The part that really made me laugh was when they said that PSN gold would include a wired headset to plug into one of the seven wired bluetooth ports...Ummm those are called USB ports guys and there are four of them. Bluetooth is the wireless signal it

BigPimpJayQc3283d ago

It's called "being sarcastic" dude! OMMMMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG

housegroove763283d ago

did you actually listen to the podcast? There was no sarcasm in how they were talking.

BigPimpJayQc3282d ago

...because I was the host!