Do You Want A Challenge or A Cake Walk?

"Let's talk about game difficulty. Would you rather win World War II on recruit, or test your skills in Veteran? When fighting zombies, do you want to shoot once and move on, or would you prefer to unload on one guy while dodging your heart out?"

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Nelson M3369d ago

Try Killzone 2 on Elite

WildArmed3369d ago

took me awhile to beat radec's [email protected] then pawn him :/

Yokan3369d ago

Like I said before what motivates me is my cousin. He is 12 years old and beat it by himself, i know a 12 year old sounds kinda old but he has down syndrome, and this guy is gifted.

WildArmed3369d ago

i'd say a person's peak in gaming skillz in his early teens.. its all downhill from there xD

XLiveGamer3369d ago (Edited 3369d ago )

This video games gen game play difficulty suck!

I want challenge in video games that is the true nature of video games. I don't want Hollywood Games i want realism and challenges. Developers ¿Where is the realism in gameplay?

callahan093369d ago

Demon's Souls is a nice challenge. In that classic kind of way. Never frustrating, just satisfying when you learn how to succeed at your task and pull it off properly. It's perfection.

N4g_null3369d ago

So true some parts of the game should be easy to pick up and have fun with but the game should actually graduate a gamer to be ready for higher levels of game play.

Dead_Cell3369d ago

I'm on the bit where they start dropping the chandeliers on your heads to flush you out on the palace level.
I still can't do it,I'm starting to have nightmares about that level.

WildArmed3369d ago

luck :/
seriously though.

Dead_Cell3369d ago

It's just the battle leading up to it seems way too much to handle.
- keep the support squads round the statue's heads down.
- Cover the stairs
- Keeping those evil SMG shock troops as far away as possible.

I'll do it one day,and you shall hear the victory roar from space.

WildArmed3369d ago

ofc, Radec is a wuss.
its his army dats scary.

Good luck ^^

tiamat53369d ago

I would rather a challenge. I want the enemy to kick my a$$ so i want to come back for revenge, so I can come up with a new strategy a feel like I accomplished something when I do beat the game. I don't want the game to hold my hand throughout the whole game which includes showing me how to swing a sword or walk something I should have read in the manual, arrows that point out everything for me, easy bosses that go down after only three hits or once you find their weakness they are easily beaten or have predictable attack patterns or stupid gimmicks that give people who can't play the game properly a chance at the expense of people who can play the game better than them e.g. the blue shell in Mario Kart that chases after the guy in front and takes him out.