Mega Man Rush Marine announced

Capcom has announced Mega Man Rush Marine, a new title for the long running franchise set to arrive on mobile platforms. A fact sheet and some screenshots were provided with the release.

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Bodyboarder_VGamer3407d ago

I got exited for a moment until I saw that it is for mobile platforms? Does that mean cellphones? This should be on PSN/XBL too!

MegaMan FTW!

qface643407d ago

im right behind you as well got my hopes up for nothing just like the other resident evil they just announced for mobiles

Chrisny853406d ago

its probably for cell phones or ipods looks like its 8 bit, you never know though after mega man 9 on psn/xbl.

that game was fun as hell. this one appears to be only underwater from those screen shots.

Bnet3433406d ago

I thought this was a sequel to Megaman Powered-Up on PSP. That was a cute little game.

BLuKhaos3406d ago

GOD FvCKING DAMMIT CAPCOM!!Give me some fusking new Mega Man X games and stop with the [email protected] starforce titles!

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tda-danny3406d ago

What we need is a Megaman X2 remake, similar to Maverick Hunters for the PSP. It was rumored to be in development a long time ago, but was dropped =(