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Britxbox's Leigh Sherval writes: "Nostalgia can be a problem. Sometimes the thing being resurrected doesn't hold up to fond memories, as evidenced by a number of Xbox Live Arcade releases. The same cannot be said for Bionic Commando Rearmed, which hit the arcade last summer. It was a textbook example of how to revive a classic, with new visuals, a remixed soundtrack and minor additions to gameplay that remained faithful whilst managing to bring in the new. Now we have a proper sequel to the original, some two decades later.

You once again play as Nathan "RAD" Spencer, the first Bionic Commando, but things have changed. The world has turned against Bionics and Spencer is on death row for simply following orders. At the last minute he's given a pardon, and his arm back, when Ascension City is attacked by a terrorist Bionic group known as the Bionic Reign. It's a clichéd setup for a clichéd story but it's never the focus."

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