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Raoh3123d ago

that's a good start. the combining of the departments is starting to pay off.

SpaceSquirrel3123d ago (Edited 3123d ago )

Yea, hopefully it leads to more collaborations in the future from Sony departments.

SL1M DADDY3122d ago

Sony has always suffered from the "smoke stack" effect and with items like this, you can see a deeper penetration of collective thinking within each of the Sony divisions. This is a very slick app if in fact it is done well.

Whitefeather3123d ago

Looks like I found my new phone.

Fishy Fingers3123d ago

Actually, it's "only" 8 megapixel which is still very impressive for a mobile phone. More info can be found here

SpaceSquirrel3123d ago

"* 8.1 megapixel camera
* Up to 16x digital zoom
* Photo fix
* Photo flash
* Video recording
* Auto focus
* Face detection
* Image and video stabilizer
* BestPic™
* Geo tagging
* Photo feeds
* Photo light
* Red-eye reduction
* Send to web
* Smart contrast
* Touch focus"

housegroove763122d ago

that phone is about as close to a japanese cell phone that america has gotten. They just need to add the ability to buy things from convenience stores and vending machines with the phone and it alllllllllllmost be at japanese standards.

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Vicophine3123d ago

Wow, I'm definitely looking into this one!

kalioon3123d ago

if remote play workd over the 3g network, then count me in. think of the possibilities!!


I have a w810i bought it 3 years ago and it had remote play compatible with the ps3.

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