That Gaming Site: Resident Evil: Director's Cut Review (PSN)

The creation of a genre is an honor few games can take credit for, but Resident Evil can proudly claim that it was the game that introduced us to the "survival horror" genre. While it clearly will seem dated compared to today's games, there are still many aspects of this game that hold up today. Resident Evil basically dumps you in a spooky abandoned mansion in the woods and expects you to take on hordes of zombies and other creepy creatures with limited ammo and a relatively sparse number of saves. Even now, this game delivers on all fronts from the eerie style to the extremely tense moments later in the game.

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spydersvenom3371d ago

I hope it's still as fun as I remember, but it seems like the author thinks so. I guess it's worth the $10 risk.

cayal3370d ago

Who will ever forget the dog jumping through the window? One of the top gaming moments of all time.

Resident Evil was the first Playstation game I played and first video game I played since Sega Genesis (or Mega Drive). That moment, I crapped my dacks.