And the Award for Best Artificial Intelligence goes to...

Dave Mark @ Gamasutra: "At the last GDC, I attended a session by David Sirlin entitled Balancing Multiplayer Competitive Games. Being an AI designer and programmer, this session may seem like somewhat of an outlier in my typical GDCfare. However, a simple strikethrough on the title could yield Balancing Competitive Games – which falls squarely into the AI and simulation programmer's purview. While the session was interesting in its own right, there was one comment that really broke through the noise for me. Forgive me for paraphrasing somewhat (the audio or video on this session is not up on the GDC Vault), but one of the comments that David made was along the lines of thefollowing:

"If 1% of your art assets are not perfect, not too many people notice. If 1% of your audio assets are not perfect, it doesn't hurt too much. On the other hand, if 1% of your game balance is off, it can potentially affect the entire game."

This is remarkably true."

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