2Old2Play: RE 5 Review: Maybe You Should Revisit this Game

2Old2Play writes: "Resident Evil 5 has been at the heart of controversy since its debut at E3 last year. However, based on the number of copies sold to date, I'd say that debate is dead and buried. No pun intended. A new debate has been sparked: does RE5 live up to expectations?

Resident Evil 5 released on March 13, 2009. While many fan boys/girls had reserved their copies and were eagerly playing the game, mine still sat bundled in the cellophane wrap. I admit I was a little less than enthusiastic about playing it. A year ago I was pumped, but after playing the demo on Xbox Live, I couldn't quite grasp the control system. However, after approximately 14 hours of game play, I have become quite addicted."

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