Bohemia Interactive admits: "ArmA 2 is still buggy"

In an exclusive interview, Bohemia Interactive admits that the german version of ArmA 2 (Armed Assault 2) is buggy. "Despite we are aware of various problems, bugs and possible improvements, we certainly don't see German ARMA II as something completely broken", says Marek Spanel, CEO of Bohemia Interactive. He went on: "We realize that the campaign maybe doesn't stand to your expectations but we hope that all the improvements made for the first patch will already make it much closer to what you hoped it will be initially." The interview is available in english on german website

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red2tango3403d ago

I'm sorry but this game just won't sell, and I'm pretty sure it'll be in the bargain bin really quick. I just don't see the game selling when AAA games are having problems.

XLiveGamer3403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )

>>> In an exclusive interview, Bohemia Interactive admits that the GERMAN VERSION of ArmA 2 (Armed Assault 2) is buggy <<<

Did you played first ARMA and Operation Flashpoint ?

By the way this two games are not your boring classic hollywood FPS style games for kids like SOCOM, Killzone 2, Call of Duty, Battle Field, GRAW etc. This are FPS SIM's and of course not everybody can handle this kind of simulation games but its funny how "morons gamers" proclaim games like those hollywood FPS i mentioned to be the most realistic FPS ever.


Flashpoint and ARMA are equals GO HERE >>>

red2tango3403d ago

Oh I'm offended. So what if it's the only the German version? I'm just saying that it doesn't look as good as it's competitor, Operation Flashpoint.

FantasyStar3403d ago

Is that really fair to compare though? An open-world shooter vs. a "not-open" world shooter? It's like comparing Fallout 3 to CoD4 respectively. It's not very fair. If ArmA can be compared properly, it's against AA.

Pussgurkan3403d ago

This game is for the hardcore pc gamer of course its not gonna sell millions, but it will do well. And easily meet the sales expectations of the company.

PS. I dont see why they need this on the 360... 360 players will never understand this game.

Cryptech3402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

This isnt good for BI. ArmA lauched as buggy as hell and after several years of patching and the ACE mod its fun to play. A lot of people got put off after the terrible launch of ArmA. This report is going to damage sales unless they can prove otherwise. I am not getting burned again by an unfinished, poorly optimized product. Im guessing that ArmA 2 will be released, then patched up and playable by early 2011.