Play: Batman: Arkham Asylum Preview

Play writes: "The metamorphosis is complete. With Batman: Arkham Asylum, the Batman franchise has officially undergone its second renovation. Rest in peace Batman; long live the Dark Knight. Going back and looking at Batman's TV origins is a strange thing. Not only does it reflect how much the character has changed, but how much we have changed along with him. The Batman from 1966 would be in therapy for the rest of his days if he met Paul Dini's Joker in Arkham Asylum. And poor little Dick Grayson would surely wet his panty hose and run home to mama at the mere sight of Harley Quinn. Our innocence circa 1966 is lost; may it never be found."

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This preview makes the game sound very good.

I think this game has lots of promise, I'm hoping my hunch will be right.