GamersTemple Review: Guitar Hero Metallica

GT writes: "Metallica is the second band to get the spotlight for their own Guitar Hero game, and this time out the result is a far better experience. While Guitar Hero Metallica does have an advantage over Guitar Hero Aerosmith in that it was released after Guitar Hero World Tour, so it supports drums and vocals in addition to guitar and bass, but there's more to it than that. A big factor is that Metallica's music is simply more fun to play than Aerosmith's, and with some of the obscure titles appearing in the Aerosmith game it felt like it was a struggle filling a game with their music. With Metallica, it was probably a lot more of a struggle deciding which tracks to leave out. Musical catalog quality aside, GH Metallica has a number of things going for it that make it a good game, and a fantastic game for fans of the band."

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