SouthPeak Games Announces its E3 2009 Games Line-Up writes: "SouthPeak Games has released its official games showcase for this year's E3 show which runs from June 2nd through 4th in Los Angeles. Hot items on their list are, of course, the shooters Section 8 and Raven Squad, although casual and younger gamers will undoubtedly enjoy the rest of the titles in the list.

They will be showing the following:
- Section 8 (PC, Xbox 360, PS3)
- Roogoo: Twisted Towers (Wii)
- Fast Food Panic (DS, Wii)
- Raven Squad (Xbox 360, PC)
- Brave: A Warrior's Tale (Xbox 360, Wii)
- Sushi Go Round (Wii, DS)..."

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