Homebrewed CPU Is a Beautiful Mess of Wires

Intel's fabrication plants can churn out hundreds of thousands of processor chips a day. But what does it take to handcraft a single 8-bit CPU and a computer? Give or take 18 months, about $1,000 and 1,253 pieces of wire.

Steve Chamberlin, a Belmont, California, videogame developer by day, set out on a quest to custom design and build his own 8-bit computer. The homebrew CPU would be called Big Mess of Wires or BMOW. Despite its name, it is a painstakingly created work of art.

"Computers can seem like complete black boxes. We understand what they do, but not how they do it, really," says Chamberlin. "When I was finally able to mentally connect the dots all the way from the physics of a transistor up to a functioning computer, it was an incredible thrill."

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shopsmartash3339d ago

is absolutely full of win, kudos to this how long until i can run quake 3 arena on it?

TheIneffableBob3339d ago

Maybe Q3A in text mode.

You see a rocket launcher on the floor.
*Pick it up.
Rocket launcher picked up.

shopsmartash3339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

lol you have just been fragged...respawn

mrv3213339d ago

Like most PC the BMOW is unable to run Vista, like every known thing every made. EVER. Heck Vista itself couldn't calculate it's own failure leaving OS 10 for what could best be called a far mor succesful OS when it comes to actually running the programs I want instead of asking my permission to do anything ever. Even asking permission requires me to confirm asking permission.

And that's why I failed english which also as Microsoft showed at E3 21108 is another thing that cannot run Vista.

Does anyone here actually want to build one on the underside of their bed, I do.

badkolo3339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

who is using vista anymore, windows 7 is where its, or what i like to call it::windows vista sp3. Its a little sad when the windows 7 rc is better then the retail version of vista.

they took vista, repackaged it, fixed it, shed the vista name and called it windows 7, and now we will buy it for another 300 bucks.

mrv3213339d ago

I think Vista was microsofts attempts to sell tow OS's everyone who upgraded to Vista realised how bad it was at you know EVERYTHING!!!!1!!!2(What a two that
_____________________________ be
_____________________________ _______right
_____________________________ _____________I'm
_____________________________ ________________fading
_____________________________ __________________________from
_____________________________ ______________________________r eality
_____________________________ _______________________________ ______help

Ahem I'm still here. On a more serious note don't buy Vista but that's allready clear to you, you sain people who should be the only ones to repopulate the earth.

If I am to do anything I'll hypothetically pirate windows 7 only so upgrading to XP will be soo much more sweet.

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