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Msxbox-World writes: "THQ and Volition have truly outdone themselves with Red Faction: Guerrilla. They have effectively "mined" the eight-year-old franchise and struck gaming gold, combining several recent yet tried–and-true gameplay mechanics with a spectacular physics engine, top-notch production values and a great story, resulting in a worthy (and easily the best ) sequel to the franchise as well as a highly original product in its own right."

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dgroundwater3400d ago

Whoh. I thought it was a fun demo but AAA? I'm surprised.

Saren Arterius3400d ago

I'm so getting this bad boy for my Xbox 360. Volition is awesome making games for Microsoft platforms.

ChampIDC3400d ago

I'm also very surprised. I knew it would be good, but not this good. Maybe I won't wait to get it now.

lordgodalming3400d ago

Seriously, people LOVE this game. I admit I've played through the demo several times, but this game just wasn't on my radar with all the other great summer games. Hmmm.

joydestroy3400d ago

yeah it seems to be getting as good of review scores as inFamous, which means another buy for me.

solidsnakus3400d ago

some would call me a 360 fanboy but seirously... that was just unessesary fanboyish>>>

"I'm so getting this bad boy for my Xbox 360. Volition is awesome making games for Microsoft platforms."

DelbertGrady3400d ago (Edited 3400d ago )

It's ok to admit that you more or less sleep with your PS3, but as soon as anyone shows their appreciation for the 360 someone gets offended by it. It's not like he's bashing any other console, is it?

Look at any news about PSN or Home and you will see that 60% of all comments say stuff like "Can't beat the true next gen HD power of the future-proof PS3" etc. The remaining 40% are bashing the 360. That's because many N4G members hate the 360 more than they love their PS3. Ironic.

Why would anyone call you a 360 fanboy? Your avatar and nickname are related to a PS3 exclusive franchise.

Darkeyes3400d ago

Oh chill guys. The game is multi-plat. Both houses enjoy a good game. I felt the game had potential after playing the demo. The engine is really unlike anything seen yet. This was a hit Jackpot or nothing game... and guess what it has hit the jackpot. The only problem is that the game will be over shadowed by games like Infamous and Prototype which are releasing in the same time frame.

People should give this game a chance. It's like a sleeper hit of 09.

Halochampian3400d ago

Solid has been known to lean towards the 360 side of the war. But Soda.. you are right about everything else you said.

SaberEdge3400d ago

I'm not embarrassed to say that I will be getting this for my 360. I compared both versions of the demo and there is no doubt about it, the 360 version looks and runs better. It is still completely playable on the PS3 but the 360 version is better so I don't see anything wrong with what Saren Arterius said.

It was a really fun demo. I love the part when you are on the back of the truck and shooting that canon at all the vehicles trying to overtake you. The physics system was also really impressive.

pain777pas3400d ago

I don't know what to say. AAA? I'm speechless. Good for Volition but I'm low on cash right now. I'll try to pick this up later if possible. 9.5 in graphics? I've got to pick this up sometime.

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snaz273400d ago

really? well i must have played the demo to a completely different game! cos the one i played was absolute pants imo! nevr is it a 9.5!!! sheesh is this guy new to gaming or something? seriously im shocked... i know everyone has their own opinion and that but 9.5!!! 9.5!!! just wow!

Downtown boogey3400d ago

I mean the graphics suck! The A.I. sucks! And the sounds suck! And the physics engine is far from realistic. Sure it's somewhat fun but 9.5... Can't explain.

Kushan3400d ago

The physics may be "hardly realistic", but they're the most realistic physics I've seen in a game yet. They may be a little over the top, but that's the point of the game - destruction.

And more to the point, you played a demo that lasted at most 10mins and gave you a tiny glimpse into what the game has to offer. These guys have played the full thing. I've seen 3 reviews today so far and all were 9 or, in this case, 9.5. Is it possible that the game, although not particularly clever, is just FUN?

Volition may deserve a slap for putting out a short demo that doesn't show much, because so far all these reviews are saying it's the sleeper summer hit we've all been waiting for.

Grandreaper99993400d ago

They've been valuing their multiplats unusually high lately.

I give it a solid 4, because unless I can dig a tunnel straight down (or any direction for that matter) for at least 100 feet at almost any time, it shouldn't even feature the name "Red Faction".

divideby03400d ago

This is a joke right ?
The beta I was in and the demo(s) I recently played all told me low 8s.
The game has NOT in the same league as the original RFs back in their day.

Pennywise3400d ago

MSXBOX has been itching to give a 360 game over a 9 for what?? Seven months? Dont hold it against them... they are reaching for the stars.

truegamer4life3400d ago

Gamepro gave it a 5/5. Maybe the final version is good compared to the demo.

DelbertGrady3400d ago (Edited 3400d ago )

Zup, genius? The game is multiplat, although the 360 version does look slightly better than the PS3 version. Maybe that's what you meant by "360 game"?

I can provide you links but I'll give you this instead, just to make you look even more stupid than you already do.

GamePro 5/5.

GameInformer 9/10 - 90 - 92 + Editor's Choice Award


Yeah, teh MSXbox must be teh biasedest ;)

Darkeyes3400d ago (Edited 3400d ago )

Man you are commenting as if you have played the final version of both games side by side and analyzed them to the fullest. Last I heard from the developers is that they did overcome the development hurdle on the PS3. Having played both demos, I didn't even notice any difference. Funny you found the 360 version superior to the PS3 without even trying it.

Last I heard.. The developers were praising the PS3 and said it has the potential of better graphics to the 360... Don't trust me? Just go to below link and hear from the horses mouth (developers in lucid english)..

Just don't troll please. You haven't even seen what version looks like what and you post your verdict... Seriously stop being so fanboyish.

Oh ya here are some more links... Proving both versions are identical...

Funny... Why would they showcase the PS3 version at E3(check second link for confirmation) instead of the 360 if the 360 version was superior? Seems pretty dumb to me if that was the case...

Sorry.. But had to prove you wrong.

Pennywise3400d ago

This guy can just call me PENISEYES and get away with it?

I reported this hours ago and he didnt get deleted. Ridiculous.

Oh and Soda - Grow up.

Halochampian3400d ago (Edited 3400d ago )

yea.. it may be childish. But your comment was just as childish. Welcome to "what comes around, goes around."

Obviously you havent seen how many times my name has been bashed but nothing ever happens. Just take it. Is it really bothering you that someone called you "peniseyes"?

SaberEdge3400d ago

@ darkeyes

Well you can say that all you want and the developers can say whatever they want, but that doesn't change the fact that the 360 version DOES LOOK BETTER. Just compare them yourself, if you have both consoles, and you will see what I am saying.

The 360 version looks sharper, has better resolution in the textures, more solid frame rate, better anti-aliasing and richer more saturated colors. Anybody who isn't biased can do the comparison for themselves and will come to the same conclusion.

MriownBOTH3399d ago

peniseyes LOL


Darkeyes3399d ago

@SaberEdge.... look I really don't want to get into this. As far as I know, both the versions looked identical (although both look crap in terms of graphics). you can tell that the 360 version is better to just console yourself, but seriously I feel you must check out both versions. If you feel that colors of the 360 are better, then go play it on the 360. I have demo of both the versions on my consoles and I virtually can't see any difference. Maybe it's your TV or something (maybe the sharpness is high or something like that.... that is why you must be having AA issues).

I also am saying this because even at E3 08, the company showed the PS3 version on display (check my second link in first answer for proof). Why the hell would they do that if the 360 version was superior? Obviously, they would like to give the best picture at the biggest game conference. Even Bathesda showed Fallout 3 cause it looked better on 360.... It's simple logic dude.Just answer that. I ain't telling that that 360 version sucks in comparison.... But if you feel that the 360 version is better, then there is some problem with your TV or else your fanboyism is getting in your way.

It's illogical to scrutinize both versions side by side and and announce a winner cause one version had an extra box and the other one didn't... I have played the PS3 version and can say that the frame rates remain rock solid even when I mow down entire buildings and there is absolutely no AA issues (note both versions use 2xAA as noted by devs... it's same for BOTH). Don't know which PS3 demo you were playing.. Or if the PS3 had some problem or not....

Anyways.... Sometimes out mind tricks us and lets us see what we want to see. Maybe you just WANT the 360 version to be superior and that is why you think it is. Well, then good for you.... Play it on the 360. It's an awesome game and it deserves to be played. I for one would be playing it on PS3 mainly cause my LIVE subscription is over and I am kind of Broke right now.. So cutting down on things. That is why I downloaded both version to check if the 360 version was superior like Fallout 3.... And guess what, the PS3 version passed with flying colors.... Seriously check them out... if I would have a common controller, then I wouldn't even know which one was which... It's that identical.

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Polluted3400d ago

Nice to see this one reviewing well. I quite enjoyed the demo.

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