Why I Hated Battletoads

Gamer Limit writes: "If you mention Battletoads to anyone who owned a NES 15 years ago, they probably went on about how amazing it was.

But here's the thing, they are delusional. As delusional as your standard Greenpeace member. The cosy blanket of nostalgia has enveloped them in a comforting glaze of love for this cartridge based torture. Because think about it, in fact, go back and play it, because when you look past the kickass battle system, all that's left is cheap level design and a difficulty level so severe you'd be more likely successful winning a real life fight with M.Bison.

Let me break it down and tell you why I think this game was designed by sadomasochists at Rare."

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Homicide3335d ago

I remember playing this game, then crying afterward.

chrisjc3335d ago

Personally, I enjoyed Battletoads & Double Dragon so much more.

menoyou3335d ago

This is not news. Marked as spam.

edgeofblade3335d ago

Proof positive that Rare has a horrible case of the hit-and-misses.

JasonXE3335d ago

i prefer battle toads vs double dragons

chrisjc3335d ago (Edited 3335d ago )

Thanks for the spam mark! But what about all the other retro articles that harken back to a certain time period.

If N4G didn't allow "articles", they wouldn't have the category "articles" that I selected for this story.

Nice try though! Of course, since you seemingly liked Battletoads a lot, we can't have anything that disagrees with your viewpoint on the internet, can we?!

I also see how you're ignored by 9 other users. How's that going?

Trebius3335d ago

Is a whiny little homo...

omg it's too hard
omg RARE is sadistic!
omg lvl design is cheap!

cry me a river.

This article shouldnt even be here at NEWS 4 gamers.

pixelsword3335d ago

although Red Bull not only has a home space, but they also sponsor gaming events and are used by a lot of gamers, so I would report this as being a lame article, but it has something to do with games, so I'm just going to watch the fireworks.

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Grandreaper99993335d ago

Great game, but is THIS really considered news?

chrisjc3335d ago

It's an article. | Article | Gaming |

Remember all those "why the Dreamcast was so great" articles?

Chrisny853335d ago

if this guy is the first to complain about a classic being soo bad...

i know the game was hard but he is "a self-confessed hardcore gamer"

i don't know where he gets off saying rare is a bunch of assholes lol if you don't like the game go play something else.. there is a reason battle toads is still talked about today and since your in the minority you might as well go do something productive and write about something you liked.

Grandreaper99993335d ago

Ehhhh, yeah. I guess it does have its place on N4G. Perhaps it's just me but the "REMEBER THIS?" and "WHY I HATE THIS" type of articles are just... I dunno, not really news per se (I'm sure many will agree). I'm not meaning to attack you in any way, it's just a question I've been meaning to ask every time I see these types of articles.

I'll always come back for the good stuff though!

George Sears3335d ago

Back in the day I didn't really care that much when it comes to passing a game like I do now. So yeah, the game was awesome.

BlackIceJoe3335d ago

Battletoads was super hard but that is what made it fun. I so would love to see Rare make a new Battletoads game for Live Arcade.

Socomer 19793335d ago

I remember saying I wished TMNT was like this.

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The story is too old to be commented.