First Colin McRae: Dirt 2 Gameplay Trailer Released

Codemasters has released the first gameplay footage for the sequel of the hit 2007 game Colin McRae Dirt. It is set to be released some time in 2009.

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ShinFuYux3338d ago

I feel this game is stepping away from what the original DiRT was all about.

skwidd3338d ago

Looks like a Colin McRae meets Motorstorm. Still doesnt mean it cant be good. After the floaty controls from the last iteration I hope they've tightened them. From what I heard, they actually have tightened them but from the look on how they're appraoching the game, seems theyre going into a more arcadey, general audience market which makes me doubtful about more realistic controls.

Dpa3338d ago

Yeah it looks to have dropped the whole realistic competitive off road motorsport thing and gone with the motorstorm festival anything goes style instead.

creeping judas3338d ago

Codemaster's admitted they are going after the motorstorm style of game. So don't hold out for tighter controls. It's going to be even more arcady then the 1st iteration was.

Daves3338d ago

It's not going more arcady, nor did they 'admit' there were going motorstorm stylee.

TheAntiFanboy3337d ago (Edited 3337d ago )

Well they're certainly licensing a lot more. They have celebrity drivers and licensed music. And the presentation reminds me of Skate.

I don't like it.

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Revvin3338d ago

It looks like a mix of Motorstorm and Need For Speed. Its far removed from the original games and I think they should drop the Colin McRae title now because its not what he was about and is not fit to carry his name. It looks a lot of fun to play but I feel we're losing a good rally game and having it replaced with a mish mash of other games that are all starting to look the same.

Fatmanp3338d ago

Why are Codemasters still calling it Colin Mcrae and disrespecting his memory. Do they know that he is dead?

Sarcasm3338d ago

Aren't you a backwards one.

It's more of a honor to name the series based off HIS influence on the series, and keeping it to the core which is Colin McRae.

housegroove763338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )

i have to disagree and say its disrespecting his memory cause the only thing this game has to do with Rally are the cars and its not on roads. Its not even close to the true spirit of Rally from what Ive gathered. They should just be calling this Dirt and Dirt only.

It does look amazing though.

W S K3338d ago

they still calling it Colin McRae because they hold the rights for it and they know that it is a established franchise! (what a question)

back to topic:
someone mentioned Need for Speed
and it was also somehow the first thing that came to my mind when i watched the trailer

i liked the first one ... though the career was a little bit repetitive (like in GRID) and the steering was somehow very unresponse

the trailer though got my hopes high for the sequel (im in for almost every racing game) squeezing both thumbs right now that this wont dissapoint me

GMR_PR3338d ago

i know i will get a lot of disagrees, but this game look like it can compete with Motor Storm. Looking good.

DelbertGrady3338d ago

Yep. Never mention PS3 exclusives in a way that isn't extremely positive. If this is ingame it obviously looks better than Motorstorm. Let's hope it plays as well as it looks.

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The story is too old to be commented.