Dead Space Extraction E3 demo walkthrough

The full co-op E3 video demo walkthrough.(Contains Spoilers)


Now includes the new Dead Space Extraction "Terror Hides" trailer

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Product3280d ago

For a rail shooter this game looks very very good

Gr813280d ago

Though I still feel alil disappointed it wasn't either fps or tps.

Product3280d ago

completely agree but for a rail shooter it may be the best. It will be a fight for the rail shooter of the year for Wii between this HotD, and RE:DC.

The Lazy One3280d ago

The fact that it's on rails means it can be co-oped locally (very pro wii) and that they can use all their processing power exactly how they want to resulting in a better playing game. It is probably one of the best looking wii titles for sure.

It is one of the best looking rail shooters I've seen possibly ever.

Nikuma3280d ago

Looked terribad and boring.

Nikuma3280d ago

Something about that vid really turned me off. I like rail shooters in like the arcade but on a console...meh I'm not a fan. I should look at this game on it's own merits but while watching that vid I could only compare it to the original Dead Space which was an amazing game. This game could be cool but from what I saw there I'm not interested at all.

StephanieBBB3280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

Im with Nikuma on this one. I skiped the first part to around when the first monsters came out and was expecting Michael Jackson to pop out of a frigging locker and scare the sh|t out of me. If this is in the final game then that was probably the lamest introduction to the "scary" monsters ever. Are they aiming for a T rating?

The LBP deadspace level is scarrier than this. First I was dissapointed that it was a rail shooter and then it's a slow, none scary one at that?

No thx.

CRAIG6673280d ago

dead space was amazing,wish this was coming to 360/ps3,im just not thst intrested in cramming another console under my tv!

ChampIDC3280d ago

Certainly looks darn pretty for a Wii title. I'm interested to see if it turns out well.

PS360WII3280d ago

Looks pretty fun actually

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The story is too old to be commented.