Quantum Theory: High-res Scans from Famitsu Magazine

Translated info from the scans:

"Ever since the revealing trailer since October last year, information of Quantum Theory (tentative title) has been kept quiet until now. Quantum Theory is a new action game from Tecmo with over the top battles taken place within a tower which changes it's structures over time."

"With the tower shifting (Diabloizes) it's shape over time, it is eroding into the world endangering the people around. Many have tried to invade the tower to stop the erosion, but all have died. Now a man crossing over all the corpses that failed before him, has risen to challenge the tower."

The main character Sid, carrying a machine gun named "Grave Digger", will meet his partner Feleena inside the tower working towards the same goal of stopping the tower. Feleena carries a gun that will turn into a light saber during close combat. Players will need to adapt to the changing environments within the tower and fight accordingly.

Under release info, only a release date of 2010 is given. Categorized under "SF Action" and the genre is "Action/Shooting". It lists that the game will have Playstation Network support but nothing is said about if it's 1 or multiplayer.

On the 2nd page of the scan it says that Feleena will act on her own, sometimes fighting with you and sometimes even fighting against you.
When a requirement is filled, seems like you can use the assist from Feleena to do a combination attack.

Both pages of the scan are added in the "Story Images" tab above.

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Blaze9293370d ago

From those images, Gears of War much?

AridSpider3370d ago

I wanna see how gameplay "looks"

ThatDamnGeordie3370d ago

yes its a GOW copy for ps3 gamers

just to piss 360 gamers off

im not joking btw

Saren Arterius3370d ago

Budget Gears of War killer for PS3.


OGharryjoysticks3370d ago

Although I've seen other screen grabs and this game has more color and an anime on steroids art style so I have to say artisitically it's probably going to be more interesting to look at.

Pennywise3370d ago

But Dirty, will it be shiny or sub-HD? That's the only way to go.

JasonXE3370d ago

they even copied the big feet thing! Not the big feet ><

Christopher3370d ago

Some of it is similar, but it seems to have that weird Japanese twist with a strong or agile character option. Does look like someone in Japan looked at Gears of War and thought, how could I market this type of game to the Japanese.

gamesmaster3370d ago

hah the picture at the bottom in the middle, very gears of war, blind shooting over cover. i'm not saying gears invented it, but you can see the similarities..

Chris3993370d ago (Edited 3370d ago )

And I'm sorry, but I STILL can't get over how lame that was - and how people actually defend that scene as "emotional". If you think that was emotional, you have issues. It was horrific and lame and pathetically machismo. I love her so much and I've searched for her so long that I'm gonna shoot her in the head; then get back to killing things, cause THAT'S WHAT REAL MEN DO!!!

I digress.

Why all the negativity towards Quantum Theory and the Gears comparisons? The story line is different, the art style is different, the developers, engine and assets are different. Oh, they have a muscle-man with a gun? And they're 3rd person? Well the same could be said about Resident Evil 5 or any number of titles released over the past decade.

It's a pretty weak parallel. Personally, I'm looking forward to this. In the very least, it's looking heavily crafted with Eastern influences, which will make it rather refreshing; as all the 3rd person Japanese developers (*cough Capcom) seem utterly focused on making games for a Western audience.

EDIT: Wait, there was the Locust queen or whatever the Hell she was. And she was semi metal bikini clad.

Mike134nl3370d ago (Edited 3370d ago )

Gears of war doesn't have any female (partners)in it. As it is supposed to be an action game guess it will be faster paced than GOW.Guess that would pretty much sum it up,
Not at the least bit hyped by this game, will need to see something more interesting. Mabye I am just getting too spoiled

Sarcasm3370d ago (Edited 3370d ago )

Look at all the ardent fans going "Hahhahaah GEARS COPY! GEARS COPY!"

What these low IQ'd baffoons doesn't even realize that the developers themselves said "Quantum Theory is a japanese take on Gears of War"

So it's OBVIOUSLY aimed at Gears of War because they even said it themself!

So stop waggling your skinny twelve year old arms in the air and saying "hahahaha Gear's Copy!!!"

The End.


RememberThe3573370d ago

I think we need to see it in motion to really get how this game looks, but I'm not hyped for this game at all. Maybe they'll show something at E3, but for now this game looks like poo.

sniper-squeak3370d ago

it's GeOW for Gears of War...

GOW is reserved for God of War only.. :P

JoySticksFTW3370d ago (Edited 3370d ago )

As along as this game is good, I'll be happy

Shoot, PLEASE give me a good clone of...

MGS3 & 4
Rogue Squadron
StarFox 64
Twisted Metal 2/Black
Ocarina of Time
GTA:San Andreas

I'll be a happy, clone-having man :)

Jaces3370d ago

Hey, if it's good I'll play it.

Gears "wannabe" or not, people are still going to buy it if it's good regardless of what others will say about it. Complain all you want, in the end it won't help you out one bit.

phosphor1123370d ago

Look at this!!


Come on kid, stop fooling yourself. If anything its a Kill.Switch ripoff.

pixelsword3370d ago (Edited 3370d ago )

...expose your ignorance.

Cajun Chicken3370d ago

Clone of San Andreas = Invest in Saints Row 2 my friend.

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Violater3370d ago

At least there is a female player and the dude isn't wearing a small car as armor.

SL1M DADDY3370d ago

It looks good. I liked Gears and to have something similar but with different characters in a different world makes me a happy camper. Just hope it is not made using UE3. I have had enough of that game engine already.

WildArmed3370d ago

hot chicks pretty much warrants some sales ;) lol

raztad3370d ago

It' s widely known this game is just a rip-off of Gears of War but with a rpg (fantasy) twist. Gear' s combat is intense though a bit clunky. I hope this is more like Uncharted's (better than Gear's IMO).

mastiffchild3370d ago (Edited 3370d ago )

Well, partly, as Tecmo happily admit. However, the combat is similar onlyin the cover system(which as anyone knows WAN'T really Gears invention in any case.

So while Tecmo are happy to crdit Gears as an influence they're also making a game with a wildly different artstyle, levelling up of some kind and combat including sword style fights, hand to hand, two person combos aside from the run and gun stuff. Some of the art I've seen has both an oriental and an art nouveaux leaning to it-which really cannot be said of Gears.

So part rip off but we should at least see the gameplay before dismissing this as it will be it's biggest strength-I think there was even talk of some stealth levels too. It could well be awful but it could also be a
huge shock.

cmrbe3370d ago

Nate could actually run circles around Marcus and co lol!.

Agree that it will be more fast paced like Uncharted and NG which is great.

@Mastif. I think the game looks like eastern Sci-Fi Gothic interpertation. Kinda like Dark ages interpertation with Japanese twist. I think it will play like something between Uncharted and DMC. The Girl could play like Dante with seamless transition between guns and sword and the guy cold play like Nate.

mastiffchild3370d ago

Yep, there's some neo gothic styings in there too but the girls armour looks very SN to my eyes.

I also think the fact Tecmo have recognised that Gears has been an influence is healthy enough and don't feel the end product will either look that much like it or play like it much at all.

Bodyboarder_VGamer3370d ago (Edited 3370d ago )

This game is looking pretty good but too similar to GeoW for my taste... The girl's armor reminds me to the one Fran(FFXII) wears.

Everything is a rip-off of something I see.