Yee Haw' – OXCGN's Day with Red Dead: Redemption at Rockstar

OXCGN: Rockstar Australia were kind enough to invite two members of OXCGN over to their Sydney office recently for a presentation of their huge new sandbox western adventure, Red Dead: Redemption.

Red Dead: Redemption is NOT just your average 3rd Person Perspective shooter. It's one of THE Biggest Sandbox (GTA:IV esquire) style games they have ever embarked on, almost 3 times as big as GTA:IV. So do not mistake it for "just another western shooter" – because it certainly is not from what we've just seen.

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DoctorQ3406d ago

i love all things western, and all things video games, Rockstar!

XboxOZ3603406d ago

I was a bit iffy when I first heard about this, but after seeing it, and the possibilities it has, I can see many many hours being glued to the saddle on this game.

Hopefully gamers will see it as the sandbox style game it is meant to be, not "just some western shooter" . .

Beth3o3406d ago

if it is just some western shooter, im still getting it, cowboys are soo cool

Superfragilistic3406d ago

I never doubted actually.

After seeing the ambition in GTAIV and realising they had the tech to do a Western proper I had no worries.

The Rockstar guys are just as much film geeks as I and the Western genre has a particularly rich history to draw from.

Can't wait! :)

Sorla133406d ago

we-ell, i guess western + sandbox isnt sooo bad,
it looks pretty cool, i have to admit

XboxOZ3603406d ago

mate, I was definitely hovering to the wrong side of the fence, but now, even in this early build, I's a dead-set certainty for me, and should be for any sandbox gamer. The mechanics are excellent

GrathiusXR3406d ago

I knew once i saw the debut trailer for it that it was gogint be something special i mean..

1. It's Rockstar.
2. R* San Diego are using the RAGE Engine and an updated Euphoria Engine..
3. It's awesomely huge and so realistically advanced in AI and such.

gaminoz3406d ago

Does it have a hot whisky mod with a strumpet of the saloon?

Seriously, if you can have random animals come and maul outlaws while you fight them, that is pretty cool. I hope the story is half decent.

REALgamer3406d ago

Surprised they made a sequel though - I didn't think the original sold too well?

XboxOZ3603406d ago

It's less a sequel and more a remake and move to a different genre. Which is the my main concern. Most will see it as a simple western shooter, not the gta:iv style game that it is. It's 3 times as big as GTA:IV in both landscape and gameplay.

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The story is too old to be commented.