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Kojima's Famitsu Interview - Complete High-res Scans

A few things that didn't get translated before due to lower res scans:

It is clearly stated in the magazine that Kojima will be announcing his new game from the MGS series at E3.

Kojima also stated that he will be releasing info little by little on this countdown site all the way up until the E3 announcement, which explains the resetting of the count downs each time.

The number of blocked out letters does not represent the actual number of the words (meaning even if you fill in the blanks, it might still be wrong).

All 6 pages of the hi-res interview scan are added to the "Story Images" tab above. (Culture, Metal Gear, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, PS3, PSP, Xbox 360)

Credit url: true-gaming.net
Whitefeather  +   2189d ago
Sweet! Looking forward to the announcement at Sony's conference :p
Sarcasm  +   2189d ago
I'll say it for them before they start rolling in.

"But but but the game could be on the 360! Kojima didn't like Blu-Ray because it didn't give him enough space, so he's switching to a superior format of DVD9. That way, he can utilize multiple discs instead of installing it every chapter! I mean MGS4 is just a 5 hour movie. Who cares about MGS4. BUT MGS5 might go to the 360 and I want it so bad my 3" biceps are hurting! AHHH I want an MGS on the 360! But MGS4 is just a movie. Even though it still might come to the 360. I might try it out. But I don't even really want it. But there's a rumor like I said that it will come to the 360!"

The End.

ChampIDC  +   2189d ago
As much as I'd like to see a MGS game on the 360 (so I can play it), it won't happen. Worst case scenario, I'll play the games years down the road when the PS3 is the same price the PS2 is now.
Darkeyes  +   2189d ago
lol.. Good one there Sarcasm. These 360 fanboys are such hypocrites. When MGS4 came out as a PS3 exclusive, it was a movie and when rumors of MGS4 or MGS5 (or any MGS) crops up, then 'dooms day for PS3' articles start to roll in. Seriously just look at the interest MGS5 rumor is generating in the 360 camps. I doubt even Halo or Gears coming on PS3 would stir the PS3 gamers so much And if the next MGS is a PS3 exclusive, then the 360 fanboys will start the 'Halo or Gears rulz and MGS is a movie' slogan all over again.

I just wish Raiden is the main character. I want a GOW or Ninja style MGS
GameGambits  +   2189d ago
I hope with this new Metal Gear game they either have a Metal Gear Online 2 on the disc or add a TON of new stuff to the already awesome Metal Gear Online I play daily.

Perhaps at E3 they'll announce dedicated servers and fixing the junk rank up system they put into Metal Gear Online. :)

Also there's really no way that's Sunny. Looking at the pic long enough 100% disproves it. Just go ahead and stare at it and it's 90% safe to say it is Raiden.
BattleAxe  +   2189d ago
Raiden has blue eyes, its probably Sunny years after MGS4.

I loved MGS4, but like zlatko I agree that in MGO the ranking system needs to be revamped and also they need to fix the amount of bullets the body can take before you die. You pretty much have to get a head shot to kill someone.
GMR_PR  +   2189d ago
@Sarcasm and ChampIDC

I goes both ways, same could be said about NG2 and PS# fans.
SuperM  +   2189d ago
except Ninja Gaiden2 is a an average action game, and MGS4 is one of the best games ever created. id say there might be a slight difference
PLASTICA-MAN  +   2189d ago
Stupid submitter !!!
Why in hell did Dir_en_grey put xbox360 news type with psp, ps3 and e3 2009? sth which is not true
- Ghost of Sparta -  +   2189d ago
I need to know who the Ninja is.
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Dir_en_grey  +   2189d ago
I filed this under Images, and if you can actually read the damn thing there are hints pointing everywhere.

If you also listened to the Kojima Productions Podcast they said they are throwing out all these hints to see people's reactions, basically surveying by not directly asking.

Anything goes until Kojima tells us what it is at E3. If the hints are pointing everywhere, there is no point denying info to others just because YOU THINK it's on one system or the other.
Moo7a-Seven  +   2189d ago
@ PLASTICA MAN (MGS5 only for PS3)
Yes, Dir_en_grey's stupid, but he wants to dream..

Related image(s)
Dir_en_grey  +   2189d ago
No, I am just being neutral. I am not going to go manipulate news just like a lot of other people on the net.

I was the one that did the translations, found and provided legible pics to where I got my source so people can cross reference; while many others on different sites just copy and pasted while changing some words (and not providing legible pics or their source).

I don't have a site and not trying to be famous, I am only translating cuz I would want somebody else to do it too if I couldn't read Japanese. I also can not stand when sites just manipulate stuff to their own likings and not be neutral. MGS is something I care about, and knowing how people like to manipulate stuff I tried to hunt down legible pics ever since the 7-11 site info leak so I can read it for myself.

I love MGS, but I'm not a fanboy idiot like you. If it comes to a console you own then it does, if it doesn't then it doesn't.
#1.12 (Edited 2189d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
PLASTICA-MAN  +   2189d ago
@1.12 Dream is good man
but it can turn into NIGHTMARES if it doesn't come true! Aren't you the guy who did this translation?:"KJ: Yes. We will also do what can be done on xxxxxxx (my guess "xbox360")."
So you are testifying that Kojima affirmed consciously and flawlessly that the game will be released on 360! May be you are the guy who interviewed him and was told not to mention anything but you betrayed him, so must be punished?! Stay out of trouble man, don't post sth you aren't sure about! you aren't the teddy bear of the x360 fanboys to help them to sleep, they can take soporific in order to sleep (with tears of course )!
#1.13 (Edited 2189d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Moo7a-Seven  +   2189d ago
@ 1.12 (Drngry)
Whatever you say: MGS5 is only on PS3 and PSP man ;)
>>Forgive me if I made you lose sleep tonight, but this is life baby :D

Related image(s)
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Dir_en_grey  +   2189d ago
Quit trying to make something into what it's not.

I clearly posted before the translation that everything inside () will be my own guess and not the actual article. I put in the xxx where there should be. I tried filling in the blanks to where the sentence would make sense because without knowing Japanese grammar you can't even guess the blanks even if you wanted to.

I was only trying my best to make sense out of the sentences filled with blanks, and I provided info where people could not get anywhere else. I made it CLEAR of the structure on how I was translating like telling people about () is only my guess, and did not just make up stuff like other sites.

If you also speak Japanese or find somebody that can, I provided the source so EVERYBODY can cross reference my translation.

"xbox360" fitted the blanks and the whole thing made sense. It might be Kojima's bait, but it made sense within the context.
And did I say I friggin made it CLEAR that everything inside () is not official and could be anything ,and also URGED people to try to check the blanks and fill in better answers and correct my translation if I made a mistake? Provided that you actually knew Japanese and not a f*cking fanboy that is.

I did my best translating, and tried my best to fill the blanks if they make sense, all while being neutral. If you don't believe me go friggin learn Japanese and read the damn article for yourself then, it's the reason I uploaded it.
Moo7a-Seven  +   2189d ago
@ 1.15 (Drngry)
My dearest friend, keep on saying gibberish alone , you are so strong that you can even translate the xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and the OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! WOWWWWWWW even the devil couldn't do that !!
& please, don't have a heart attack when Kojima officially affirms : MGS5 ONLY ON PSP & PS3 "FOREVER"!

Related image(s)
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Dir_en_grey   2189d ago | Spam
Moo7a-Seven   2189d ago | Spam
Dir_en_grey  +   2189d ago
Tell me another system name that's 7 letters in which would be used by the Japanese then, idiot.

I never tried to argue what I guess was right anyway. Like I said, Kojima could be just messing w/ the readers like always by making people think that anyway; and having that little possibility made you wet your pants all over it, stop being stupid.
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PLASTICA-MAN   2189d ago | Spam
3sq  +   2189d ago
So this is not Raiden confirmed.
BkaY  +   2189d ago
i dont think so... coz if u look closer.... its seem like he just got his/her eyebrows done... lolz.... im leaning towards a female character or a metro sexual "Raiden"...

who ever he/she is .... he/she is hot.....lolzzzz

Razmossis  +   2189d ago
Well this is cleary Olga
There really isn't too much figuring out that this is a woman, long slender nose, wearing eye shadow, manicured eyebrows.

Then there are the extremely obvious 'Bullet Holes' in her forehead from when Solidus shot her (Dead has never meant dead in Metal Gear, Gray Fox, Dr.Madnar, Big Boss twice, Vamp)... plus she has already been a Ninja

I really don't see how this isn't obvious, especially since they actually parted her hair so that you could see the bullet holes specifically.

Also, why the hell would it be Sunny lol?
cayal  +   2188d ago
I hope it isn't Sunny.

What is with the two bolts in the brow above the patch on the Raiden/Ninja.
sinncross  +   2189d ago
There was this place that said it was a future Sunny since her eye colour is brown compared to Raiden's blue. The scan shows brown which might just be a technical difficulty at best.

Still I like the idea of a future Sunny like Olga but I doubt it.
Can't wait to see what Kojima has in store for us!
3sq  +   2189d ago
Maybe it's Raiden's son but I doubt that.
Sarcasm  +   2189d ago
So Sunny, a cute little girl, grows up to have her jaw ripped out, hair styled exactly like Raiden, and look like a Man.

What if Raiden is just wearing contacts? lol
STK026  +   2189d ago
Well, obviously she thought Raiden looked really cool and had all the operations done to her body so she can look like a weird male robotic ninja bleeding white blood, but of course, she couldn't afford to pay for blue contacts after these operations, so she sill has her brown eyes.
cmrbe  +   2189d ago
I doubt much Sunny.
Sunny will most likely be a replacement for Octocon, you know nerdy brilliant scientist sidekick.

John, Riadens son has a bigger chance and perhaps Kojima will develop a romantic story between them.

In the end i really do think its Frank but then knowing Kojima i have a feeling he want me to think it its Frank. The mind of a Kojima. Crazy.
Sarcasm  +   2189d ago
What if we're all just thinking too deep into this and Kojima expects that? What if it's just plainly obvious that the person we see is Raiden and the other person is Big Boss.

To be honest, me and my friend prior to MGS4's launch had all these different theories of the story based on all the teaser trailers. And we ended up being wrong most of the time. Solid Snake wasn't Big Boss, there wasn't another clone, Solidus was alive but had no big part in the game, Liquid wasn't really liquid, so on and so forth.

I don't know, I guess I'm at the end of my speculations on this lol. I'll just wait until E3.
spandexxking  +   2189d ago
could it be a raiden clone?
Dir_en_grey  +   2189d ago
Raiden WAS a clone/genetic engineered kid trained for combat.

Like I always said, Raiden is the genetic bastard love child of Volgin and Raikov. =)

Oh hahaha I've never thought of this until now, what if that was Raikov after Naked Snake supposedly killed him?

Check out this pic:
(Brown eyes!!)

Volgin's got blue eyes + lightning, which supports my theory of where Raiden got his genes from too. =)
#3.7 (Edited 2189d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
cmrbe  +   2189d ago
Haha Dir_en_grey
Yeah. When i played MGS3 i thought that Kojima was messing with us Raikov face mask look very much like Riden.

Do you remeber how Snake killed him?. Did Raikov loose an eye. I haven't played MGS3 since about 2 years ago. All i remeber was Naked aka BB put him to sleep and then put him in the locker. I don't remeber Snake killing him.

This is interesting. Perhaps its Raikov. Perhaps Riden is his clone. This must be why Riden was a bit girly lol!.

Edit: Riden couldn't be a bastard child as Raikov is a male, a gay one. Must be a clone.
#3.8 (Edited 2189d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Dir_en_grey  +   2189d ago
You cannot kill Raikov in MGS3, if you do game ends in "Time Paradox" if I remembered correctly (hehe further supports my theory).

I thought I read it in the MGS4 Database that Raikov was killed by Naked Snake when he died, but I just double checked on "Raikov" on the Database and didn't see it. I have to search now where I read that from =/

Also if you read the MGS4 Database of Raikov, it says that he is Volgin's lover, as it is also known from MGS3. That's why I said "genetic bastard love child" meaning a clone from Raikov and Volgin's genes (My guess was when Volgin died Raikov took their genes to make a child of their own cuz LOVE). Just in case people forgot, Volgin had thunder powers...

Oh well here's another pic of Raiden's, little John:

Also brown eyes and he was doing all that sword play when he met Raiden in the hospital.

Edit: My bad, I guess you can kill Raikov in MGS3 =/ Sorry I remembered it wrong. Here's the data on Raikov:
#3.9 (Edited 2189d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
cmrbe  +   2189d ago
Are you serious?
I will replay MGS3 tonight and try to kill Raikov after taking his uniform if it does end the game.

Well that's what i remeber. Naked didn't kill him. However Volgin eventually found out it wasn't Raikov but Snake. That crotch grab was hilarious.

Raikov, Raiden. Ummmm. I think you might be on to something.

Edit: Dam, I didn't know there was a Metal gear wiki.
#3.10 (Edited 2189d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
gintoki777  +   2189d ago
P 0 3= portable ops 3????
idk but the answer will come in a few days
darkzodiac55  +   2189d ago
sh** I missed P O 2 :(
hay  +   2189d ago
@zodiac: lol
PotNoodle  +   2189d ago
I bet its null (Young grayfox). Since it is around that same time when Big boss looked like that.
gintoki777  +   2189d ago
i was thinking the same thing
it would sorta make more sense but it could be either way maybe thats a new clone of big boss who knows
3sq  +   2189d ago
Nope, it's not Null/Gray fox either. Gray fox's right eye is blind not left eye as in the picture.

Edit: check out the pic below.

#5.2 (Edited 2189d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
housegroove76  +   2189d ago
Im going to go with thats not Raiden unless his new ninja suit has spikes on the shoulders and he got some screws drilled into his head along with new colored contacts. Im thinking now its Grey Fox
solidboss  +   2189d ago
ppl have to remeber
that if this is supposedly raiden kojima stated in the interview that the new mgs takes place 7 years after mgs4 so obviously raiden isnt gunna look the same way as part 4..maybe he got tired of that cyborg outfit n wanted to mix it up a little with spikes or something
Name Last Name  +   2189d ago
Raiden wouldn't make himself a cyborg again, in MGS4 ending he got his human body back SO if its Raiden then its a game before MGS4
batman2million  +   2189d ago
I'm pretty sure its about raiden.
there are a lot of holes they need to fix from mgs4 regarding him. lets hope they settle it.
poopmonster  +   2189d ago
People say Grey Fox, Sonny, Raiden....etc. I thought Sonny but I just can't see it now. The little innocent girl making eggs and wanting a little boyfriend in MGS4 turns out to be a badass Cyborg ninja...nah.

Someone in another forums thought it looks like Raiden's son.

pictured here - http://img16.imageshack.us/...

Makes sense since Raiden is no longer a cyborg at the end of MGS4 and the picture clearly shows the person doesn't have Raiden's blue eyes.
Sarcasm  +   2189d ago
You know what, I forgot about that. Raiden took off his armor at the end of the game. And his son, waving that play ninja sword of his, which shows he's already got the same fighting spirit of raiden.

CONFIRMED (i think), the person we see is Raiden's Son. It has to be. I honestly don't believe it's Sunny.
silverchode  +   2189d ago
does raidens son have blond hair?
BkaY  +   2189d ago
aaa.... u mean
Grey hair like Raiden.... then yes...
Madgunner  +   2189d ago
I still say its a remake of the
orginals... and that there may be 2 mgs titles.. however if it turns out to be true that its one for psp and one for ps3.. the one for ps3 BETTER be the one thats coming to PS3
poopmonster  +   2189d ago
what I don't understand is if it is a remake of the original Metal Gear game...wouldn't Big Boss NOT have an eyepatch on? Or did MGS3 take place before MG? I never played the original Metal Gear games.
Name Last Name  +   2189d ago
yes, MGS3 took place before MG and MG2
Attila57  +   2189d ago
I honestly don't think its Raidens son (Little)John, if you look at this http://metalgear.wikia.com/... it shows that his eye color is blue, so how did he get brown eyes? I think its Sunny, but who knows, we will find out soon.
sparta76  +   2189d ago
@ poopmonster
Who the HELL is sonny!?!?!? LOL
But yeah I agree I think is raidens son.. LOL why do I find that so funny.. Sonny LOL
poopmonster  +   2189d ago
eh...Sonny is Olga's (I think that is her name) daughter. The military chick from MGS2 that dies. Sonny is the little girl in MGS4 that Snake and Otacon are taking care of. She has white hair and brown/orange-ish eyes like the person in the picture that people assumed was Raiden.
Pebz  +   2189d ago
Believe he is referring to the fact that her name is Sunny, not Sonny (Sony association maybe?).
poopmonster  +   2189d ago
ahh didn't catch that...haven't played MGS4 in awhile.
Crystallis  +   2189d ago
But now we have to look at age. SolidBoss made a good point in saying that the next MGS will take place 7 years after MGS4. How old do you think Raiden's son is in MGS4? Lets say 7-8? Lets say 8 years old, add 7 to that and that would make 15 years old. 15 year old boy ninja? Thats awfully young even for Kojima.

Now Sunny on the other hand looks a little older maybe 12-13 years old. Let go with 13 years old, add 7 that would make 20 years old. Perfect age for a kick ass female ninja. Plus Sunny had a limp on her left leg(I cant remember which leg). If you remember her walking up the stairs she only walked up the stairs with her right leg first and left leg second everytime. Maybe the ninja suit somehow allows her to use both legs evenly. This all could be by chance but you never know. I think its Sunny, after all she was the closet to Raiden in the game also.
#13 (Edited 2189d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
austere  +   2189d ago
Lol...MGS4 sucked. It's a movie. Not a game. Quit all these MGS posts...no one cares.
lordv8der  +   2189d ago
Pardon the vulgarity of this comment but.
Die in a fire.
cmrbe  +   2189d ago
You use your single bubble
to tell us no one care's lol!.
PotNoodle  +   2189d ago
Everyone who has actually completed MGS4 knows the game isn't a "movie".
ULTIMATE_REVENGE  +   2189d ago
Its clearly a women, look at her lips in the picture, those are pure women like lips

and someone on top said that Raiden looks like a man HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH AHA ARE YOU NUTS!!!, Raiden looks like a women hence why people are finiding it really hard to distinguish Raiden from a older version of SUNNY
BkaY  +   2189d ago
lip and mate her eyebrows...
its a female without a doubt...
Xdrari  +   2189d ago
Woman eyebrows
This person on the screen has thin brown eyebrows. Unless the designer made him even more gay (basically kojima asked shinkawa to make raiden so that players would think he's a woman), the person on the screen is a woman.

Look at raiden's eyebrows they are thick and grey, more mascucline.
LordMe  +   2189d ago
That is true and very good point, however is does lack the detail normally put into the eyelashes above the eye that normally goes into a feminine design. I am not saying it is Raiden, and am not saying it is not Sunny, I don't have a clue.
And the hair style is nothing like Raidens. who doesn't have to much 'Style' to his hair. Sunny however did use a hairstyle similar to the person in the picture.


The top eye lashes go up, I draw anime and this is always a detail that is done.
#16.1 (Edited 2189d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
colossi16  +   2189d ago
Wow! A closer look and it really does look like a woman. Interesting.
silverchode  +   2189d ago
whos frank
cmrbe  +   2189d ago
aka Null aka Grey Fox.
GUNS N SWORDS  +   2189d ago
hmmmm, interesting, each number or letter has the time of when it will be revealed, unless i'm obviously mistaken.
#19 (Edited 2189d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
SnakeShady  +   2189d ago
guys, go to the teaser site...look down on the right side. you see the kojima production logo right? wrong! after a while the logo change into a face. click on the face...and you will go into another teaser site with a scary face (mask) on it.
try instead.
poopmonster  +   2189d ago
wow I thought you were bsing...but no, it's true.

Who the hell is that? Odd...doesn't look MGS related to me but I guess it is....?
SnakeShady  +   2189d ago
it's true
and I think that is not MG related, it's something else...that face is scary...
makyengo  +   2189d ago
Kojima "NEXT" Teaser Site Updated!!!
I just checked the KojiPro teaser site, and it has been updated. Along with the letters M, S or 5, E, 3, e, P, and R there are the letters C, O or 0, and 6. It also show What seems to be Raiden along with the Big Boss image that flashes on the screen.

PSN_vj06  +   2188d ago
HMMMM do i smell a Big Boss MGS Franchise coming i would like to since i never played MGS:Snake Eater. And can someone tell me if Kojima will ever have a Trophy Patch for MGS4 i have not played that game since i beat it last summer 4 times i would like some trophy's


PSN ID: vj06 anyone can add me
Amoores  +   2188d ago
the joys of not being able to read japanese....

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