Red Dead Redemption: New screen shots of Rockstar's Open World Western Game posted a few new images from Rockstar's Open World Western Game Red Dead Redemption. The new screens show beautiful western settings, such as a atmopsheric sunset panorama.

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crazy17043336d ago

It looks stunningly beautiful, and I love the mix between the typical Rockstar spirit and the Western Genre.

Rainstorm813336d ago

Looks like a Day 1 purchase for me. R* number one multiplat Dev IMHO.

neotom3336d ago

Awesome! Could be as good as GTA IV

LinuxGuru3336d ago

lol we'll just have to see about that.

Rainstorm813336d ago

This game has alot of potential. I think it could be a GotY "contender" . It definatly can be better then gta4. R tend to improve upon the things they do.

TheExecutive3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

It looks kinda like a spiritual successor to San Andreas in the single fact of the expanse of the playing world. They said they are taking the scale to a whole new level and with the sparsely populated desert and later the forest region they may just be able to pull it off this generation with good visual fidelity.

Hopefully next gen has around 4 gigs of memory so there is no pop-in and the worlds can be more seemless with more stuff packed in them.

LinuxGuru3336d ago

Well there's always going to be pop-in, but it'll just be further out where we can't see it =P

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