Terminator Salvation Review (ZTGD)

ZeroTolerance writes: There is no doubt that developer GRIN has stretched themselves pretty thin lately. Considering this is the third game I have reviewed by them in the past two months speaks volumes. Terminator Salvation is releasing at just the right time to be considered a movie tie-in game, but if you have been keeping tabs on the series reboot, you will be scratching your head as to what this game has to do with the Christian Bale flick recently released in theatres. The plotline is completely different and there is a severe lack of Christian Bale, however, there is a chance it will take longer to watch the movie than to finish the game. When you combine all of these aspects it is hard to recommend GRIN's latest title for anything more than a weekend rental.

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TheRedTerror3340d ago

why do most movie games have to suck so much... :(

GCO Gamer3340d ago

I was playing this game the other day, and it could have been so good.

Torch3340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

"why do most movie games have to suck so much."

Because it's forced developing; that their only intention is to cash in by riding the coattails on the respective movie basedupon it's popularity.

Unfortunately, I reckon that the passion is simply not there as a result. Usually, the reciprocal (i.e., Video games-to-movies) bears the same sort of lackluster shine.

On the upside, there have been exceptions. Have you tried the new Wolverine VG demo? I found it pretty sweet, and it's actually a title I'm considering purchasing some time down the road, when I actually have some time to play some games.

TheRedTerror3340d ago

and it always messes up. I never bothered with that wolverine demo, i just assumed it would be average at best and maybe worth a rental.

ThanatosDMC3340d ago

Graphics are just terrible. I mean, damn... a paper mario looked better. Check out the grass sticking out in the air randomly from time to time in the game. It's not even attached to the ground!

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Torch3340d ago

"...i just assumed it would be average at best..."

I Can't say that I blame you.

But give the demo a's is free, and maybe you'll be pleasantly surprised.

chidori6663340d ago

games based of movies: epic fail EVER.

TheProfessional3340d ago

I've got to agree with Torch, Wolverine is definitely a legitimate action game. I didn't expect much until I played it and found out that Raven software (the team who made Jedi Outcast and SOF 2) was the developer.

GRIN is a pretty mediocre dev team and I wish studios would stop giving them movie licenses. They seem to only be capable of making extremely short, repetitive action games.