Design Tool Programmers Have No Excuses Any More

Borut Pfeifer @ Gamasutra: "Design tuning tools have long suffered in their usability & workflow. We've finally reached a point where art tools & pipelines have common best practices, but design tools often languish for lack of attention.

Well, we live in 2009 folks. It just doesn't have to be that way anymore. The kind of tools I'm talking about are those that designers use to manipulate values related to game objects.

Even with only 10-20 variables per object, with many types of objects, you quickly have to tune thousands of variables. It can be quite time consuming to manage that kind of complexity. Making improvements to this kind of workflow can make a designer many, many times more productive.

For starters, C# provides anyone with a decent background in C++ a much easier, faster method of creating windows interfaces. I'm a big fan of using C++ whenever possible, because of my own expertise & speed in it, but I also remember the days of coding windows GUIs using the straight up Win32 API. We've come a long way, baby."

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