Nintendo: Casuals and the Hardcore

Gaming Union says: "E3 2008 was not good for Nintendo, to put things nicely. From the Wii Music drummer, to the lack of any games for the hardcore audience, it was easily the weakest presentation that year and Nintendo has taken a lot of heat from their longtime fans for it. Can they redeem themselves this year?"

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mephman3339d ago

Hmm, I wonder if Nintendo will even bother to try and cater for the Hardcore anymore.

They've got a new audience now.

ShawnCollier3339d ago

Their Fall conference turned out alright, so hopefully they learned from that and have a nice medium this time around.

Selyah3339d ago

Hopefully they do redeem themselves a bit, after all the hardcore game characters are mostly what people associate with Nintendo by, it would be shame if they are back benched another year.

N4g_null3339d ago

I'm starting to wonder if SONY and MS can cater to the hardcore any more. Res evil 5, soul calibur , Sf4, and various other games just did not sells even though there was so much hype. Yeah they did ok but the conference just did not matter last year. SONy LPB did very badly based on what the PS3 fans here though. Nintendo's Wii music bombed also LOL. Yet people love punch out, and even the new control stuff.

I truth they all failed because of how E3 was set up last year. The biggest thing that happened was the FF news. Also the Wii has lots of great announcement already and most Wii owners wouldn't care too much what nintendo does at the E3 I would think unless you are a zelda fan. As for star fox fans? Really where? F zero fan again when did you see any? metroid hey didn't they make a new one, did you buy it? Yeah.... if you show up to the party they may have another one.

Hey but based on the 3rd parties and nintendo working with developers this is already going to be a great E3 and also I hearing nintendo will focus more on 3rd parties.

I think another thing is nintendo should look to showcase more 3rd party games at E3 also, since this is what SONY and MS does. Even iof it isn't a suprise to real hardcore gamers the casual core gamers need to be reminded every so often.

ape0073339d ago

is around the corner,Go nintendo,go sony,go ms

prepare to be blown away

star fox please nintendo

can't wait

Xander-RKoS3339d ago

Last year, E3 was meaningless. Really it was, so I'm sure Nintendo is going to pull out their big guns that now that E3 is relevant again.

Gr813339d ago

Last year in general was weak, by design. Nintendo showecased WM+,Wii Speak, and Wii Music. They also gave much stage time to CoD and Shaun White two third party games that went platinum.

I think this E3 is all about the 3rd parties showing up on the Wii platform. I mean you can only bleed money for so long before you either go the way of factor 5 or change course.