IGN: Fragile Coming to America

IGN writes:
"IGN is able to exclusively reveal to its readers today that Xseed has secured the North American publishing rights to Fragile: Farewell Ruins of the Moon. The tri-Crescendo-developed project will ship stateside for Wii this winter, according to the company."

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Xander-RKoS3342d ago

Wii continues to roll on with some more announced games and localizations, this has been a good week for Wii owners such as myself.

Product3342d ago

Great week for Wii owners;
Tats vs Capcom

Redempteur3342d ago

they lost oboro muramasa but got fragile instead ..

this is a good news ..

mastiffchild3342d ago

Muramasa AND Fatal Frame 4 lost in the same year? That's a pi55 take innit? If Ninty are supposed to be encouragfing third parties just why din' they publish these games? I realise they were meant to do FF4 but , my point stands-these people made great looking games and Ninty isn't helping them.

I hadn't heard about Muramasa-if it's not going to the US then neither will it arrive in the EU-sad as...

Product3342d ago

Fatal Frame 4 is sad. Demon Blade is coming though i thought.

Mahr3342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )

Muramasa is still coming. It's just not coming by way of Xseed.

It's being released in the US by Ignition Entertainment and Rising Star Games in Europe.

Bad news for Euros though, they have to wait until 2010 for it.

Redempteur3342d ago

at least they will try to keep the japanese voices .. i Love already the voice i heard in the JAP trailers .. but good luck trying to catch up to that .. an average cast will not be enough ...

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PS360WII3342d ago

Awesome :) News of the day for me I was hoping someone would bring this to the states!

dresden3342d ago

Great, but Europe also exists.

PS360WII3342d ago

Well seeing that it beat the odds by getting released outside of Japan to the US it's more likely that it will also get to Europe... only later :(

Green Lantern23342d ago

This is the year of the wii

TheColbertinator3342d ago

Just like 2008,2007...well you get the point

TheColbertinator3342d ago

Looks like I'll pick up a copy when it hits stateside.

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The story is too old to be commented.