New Screenshots for Dragonball: Raging Blast and New "Mind-Blowing" Details

From Xbox Evolved:

"If you thought the screenshots were amazing we have more and new of which is 16 players online! Oh yeah! Check it out!"

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AridSpider3404d ago

The screenshots they posted last time weren't really mind-blowing and neither are these but those details sure as hell are! OMG 16 player online tournament mode!? Sweeeeeeeet.


/DBZ nerdism

I cant wait

Blaze9293404d ago

Yeah that 16 player online tournament sound really nice, actually something I wanted for quite a long time and would be interesting to see how it works. Will we be able to spectate the fights, is it a 16p brawl, etc etc.

AridSpider3404d ago

Hopefully for the online tournament mode they do it like Dead or Alive 4. What I mean by that is I hope they have a lobby where we all can run around with little avatars (if on xbox 360) or just some random avatars they make like in Dead or Alive 4 and watch the fight on a screen etc etc.

Oh and tag-team online please, hell yes.

Blaze9293404d ago

thats actually not a bad idea, the Dead or Alive 4 type lobby thing. Dunno, we'll see more down the line. And yeah haha, tag-team online would be actually neat.

Jamegohanssj53404d ago

Oh wow Spike this is game is going to flop I just know it unless there is something announced like all new fighting mode. Like an RPG or something. I hope the Infogames is working on Burst Limits 2 right now.


ThanatosDMC3403d ago

Hmmm... im still wishing for an ultimate Dragon Ball Z game. Explore the planet, power up while actually affecting the planet like when Goku was transforming to SS3, punching affects environment because of insane power levels, full 3D, lots of ways to use energy (beams, blasts, shield, disk, laser, etc.) , fully destructible environment (mountains, hills, ground, buildings like in the anime)...

But i dont like it to be like Tenkaichi where space is limited, the characters "fly" like a dorkwad, environmental destruction is limited, beams are spammed, the lock on was just horrible and the melee fight.

Yeah, i dream of a perfect DBZ game....

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housegroove763404d ago

my testies just exploded on me, hehehehe. 73 Characters and 16 player online!! (Actually it would have been a bigger explosion if it was 16 players at the same time, like Dragon Ball Legends on the Saturn on crack)

SeanScythe3404d ago (Edited 3404d ago )

They need to make it like the mods for pc, villians vs hero's and then do death matches and king og the hill. Then let you start at a base powerlevel and the more points you get then you can transform to the next level. In Bid for Power (DBZ Mod) it was awesome to see someone you are fighting transform and it had the entire animation and everthing live while fighting them. The would be untouchable for that few seconds while they transform. For Goku lightning would strike around and the ground would crumble. The the next time durring that round when he would transform it would just be a quick transformation. Just the first time durring the round would you get the entire animation.

Dead_Cell3404d ago

Put in sixteen player free for alls.
I don't care how that would even work,I just want it.

cranium3404d ago

Goku vs Goku vs Goku vs Goku vs Goku vs Goku vs Goku vs Goku vs Goku vs Goku vs Goku vs Goku vs Goku vs Goku Goku vs Goku


cider3403d ago

that could be a problem xD

ThanatosDMC3403d ago

Well, if you want that... you could try Half Life's (not HL2) mod called Earth's Special Forces. It's a great mod if you're a DBZ fan... it was my addiction a year or so ago along with Natural Selection.

Is Natural Selection 2 out yet??!

bigjclassic3404d ago

Because Spike's DBZBT3 had over 130 characters with online too.
The only difference is updated graphics and 16 player world tournament mode.

I was super pumped to see that Spike was making an HD version of DBZ Sparking, but they down graded from DBZBT3. This is sadly a pass for me.

Froccoownedu3404d ago

Dbz BT3 had 90 charactors without transformations and Raging Blasts charactors without transformations is 73,so um your a little wrong there,and this game is a must buy 60 fps pshhh this is mine..

sack_boi3404d ago (Edited 3404d ago )

Tenkaichi 3 didn't really have 130. Most of the characters were the same people, with different clothing (5 Gokus, 5 Gohans, 7 Buus, 4 Trunks... and that's without counting their transformations).

I hope this games has all the MAJOR (I don't need the whole phucking cast) characters from Cell to Buu + Dead or Alive 4 net code (Lobby, 16 players, spectate...).
If it doesn't Then I'll have to pass.

bigboss9113404d ago (Edited 3404d ago )

Bt3 only had 97 characters. With some having over 3 transformations,transformation s are not characters, and some having several different versions of themselves... for example
1. 5 different Gokus
2. 2 Piccolos
3. 5 Vegetas (not counting Baby vegeta)
4. 2 adult trunks
5. 2 adult Gohans
and so on...
Actually if u only count characters, and not their different forms and age types, there is only like 70 something characters, that is maybe what they are referring to. And maybe they cut some of the characters out that were not needed like
1 General blue
2. Pilaf Machine
well actually i dont know anyone that uses the dragon ball characters at all. Most of them cant even fly, with out using a skill in your skill set to let them.
so dont come in here acting like they just killed your best friend, get your facts strait.
EDIT: why did some one disagree with strait facts? I turned on the game myself to see just how many characters there is. there is 14 rows of characters, with 7 in each except the last row cuz its a random select. 14x7-1=97 and most of those are duplicates like i already mentioned. the stupidity on here is scary sometimes.

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