Sony's Biggest E3 Announcements Ever

PlayStation LifeStyle writes:

"The general consensus among gaming media and fans alike is that E3 2009 could be Sony's biggest showing in the history of the PlayStation brand. Rumors, leaks, and a massive pre-E3 media event have helped fuel the hype for what is set to be quite an amazing show.

PlayStation LifeStyle has the great pleasure of seeing this first hand, and will work tirelessly to bring you all possible coverage of the PlayStation brand, no matter how big or small the news.

Before E3 begins, and Sony takes the gaming world by storm, we are bringing you a trip down memory lane by giving you a recap of Sony's biggest E3 showings of the past. This way, you can see exactly what Sony's showing at E3 2009 is up against, and you can be the judge of whether or not this will be Sony's best year ever!"

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Unbiased13403d ago

I wonder if all those announcements are enough to turn things around in this is kind a ironic, isn't it?

The Meerkat3403d ago

A Gears of War 3 announcement would do it.

3403d ago
xwabbit3403d ago

Invisible disc's! ... lol, jk but hmm would could it be :o

TOO PAWNED3403d ago

Gears 3? I don't consider that worthy being "mega" announcement, unless it is something like "Sony acquires EPIC" and now they own IP, that would be different story...but just getting 3rd party game that has it's install base on other system is in no way MEGA anything by any stretch of imagination.

I can also feel it that this will be Sonys biggest E3 ever, they have to deliver, and i am confident that they will...

3403d ago
sack_boi3403d ago

Sony can barely afford to market their games, how the phuck are they going to acquire a studio like EPIC?

TOO PAWNED3403d ago

I can see that disagree monster is very active

IdleLeeSiuLung3403d ago

I have been rather impressed with Sony lately and heard a lot pre-E3. Can't say the same for MS, that is completely silent. Eerily silent....

hay3403d ago

They'll announce new firmware version and functionality.
When you update your PS3, stack 100 of them right besides them, connect them via wi-fi they'll become concious being transforming in your very own Autobot with processing power huge enough to alter reality.

OmarJA3403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )

"A Gears of War 3 announcement would do it."

Nah Sony already got better games.

Lifendz3403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )

The hype for Sony to announce megaton upon megaton at E3 is out of control. Remember, Sony's lineup is more or less known. Unlike MS, they don't get to reveal their lineup at E3 (thank God because I think it would really suck to be in the dark at June about the year's lineup). Also, Sony has to come through at TGS which is only a few months later.

What I'm saying is that Sony will put on a good show but don't let yourself fall victim to the hype of thinking Sony is going to do a show of all shows.

Edit: Gears of War 3? No thanks. If I was a big Gears fan I would've bought a 360 by now. I'd rather a release date for GT5 than Gears 3.

ultimolu3403d ago

devilsoul and sackboi...don't you guys have something to do? Was those flamebait comments necessary?

king dong33403d ago

i've got the pswii60 combo, and although i think the wii is a waste of space, i love my other two consoles.

and just as i'm looking forward to e3 to see whats in store for my favourite two consoles, i'm sick of reading blogs every time i come on here. "itz goingzz to bezz zonyz beztz evazzzzz!

ffs, just pure fanboy hype!

sony have some great games coming, but i also think they have a few crap ones in the pipe-line, and another few that i,m definately not going to buy.

like you said when you reply'd to the comment below sev1512, what interests you doesn't interest everyone else! sorry mate, but thats how i see it.....just like i see your site as nothing other than another brubbish blog site!!

heyheyhey3403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )

@king dong

what was wrong with the article? it was a retrospective that i for one enjoyed reading.. no hype, no BS, no flamebait.. learn to read and understand what your reading before you call PSLS another blog site.. this is the site that had the first scoop on the PS3 slim, the PSP Go! and Trico.. pretty sweet for "just another brubbish blog site"

so stfu and stop telling us on what consoles you have and like.. no-one cares.. PSLS is one of the best gaming sites around, with a multitude of exclusive content and great articles, hard working writers etc.. not really a blog now is it? use your head man

Sev3403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )

King Dong, that is your own opinion.

If my site was banned N4G wouldn't have seen Trico, and many other "insider" stuff that I have posted.

We are unbiased, and never post fanboy drivel. So I tend to think that the majority will disagree with your comment. If you don't like my site, don't go. Didn't your parents teach you manners? If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all.

@ heyheyhey,

You beat me to the punch. I am flattered to know you enjoy my site so much. I really do appreciate every single person who comes to the site, and can see that we do this for our passion for PlayStation and gaming.

dude_uk3403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )

I agree with lifendz, you guys need to tone it down a bit.... =/


Heyheyhey is right too..
PSLS has given N4G many insider infos, so king dong if you don't like it and i guess i can speak for the Playstation community on the site, leave N4G for the benefit of gamers.

Why o why3403d ago

they have like 20 studios whilst MS are dispanding/getting rid of/closing studios despite making a trillion a year off xbl off you guys. If ANYBODY's more ikely to buy/acquire a studio it'll be sony but the fact is MS needs it more. You guys are being fed sales announcements instead of games announcements like you guys own shares and stocks, i mean when did MS become a cooperative.

pain777pas3403d ago

Why do you guys think Gears of war is so great? Did you guys play the game? Really If your after quality games with substance ask for the Mass Effect series on the PS3 not Gears. Wake up and play games. The best games are on the PS3 believe it or not. Third party games at times look better in the early days but as far as exclusives you want games like Fable or ME not Gears and Halo they are backed by legions for no real reason they are just above average especially for me who is not a super shooter fan. I could care less about them so I appreciate all games that come my way. Halo and Gears are overated but really gears is more overated than Halo. You just feel like an idiot playing gears sometimes not in the Miyamoto or Kojima class. Uncharted is in that class. Infamous is in that class. Ratchet is in that class. They are quality games that are in the upper eschalon. Halo had a good beginning they should have either left it at the first game and went Odst with the series or really push the story. Great gameplay for a shooter very fun. Gears seems so controlled and tech demoish.

heyheyhey3403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )


no problem :) have been a fan since the wordpress blog!

just pees me off when idiots like king dong refuse to use the ability of reading and then give you flak because of their special needs.. can't really understand why anyone would hate PSLS after all the great news you've brought and the great articles and stuff.. guess they're just jealous

IdleLeeSiuLung3403d ago

The only thing about Sony's lineup is that there is no freakin date. Delays are bound to happen and I get sick of hearing of them without the ability to try.

We already know Quantum Theory is delayed now, what is next?

In many ways, I prefer to hear about a game closer to release date. Like NG2 Sigma already announced coming this fall.

Marceles3403d ago

"The only thing about Sony's lineup is that there is no freakin date. Delays are bound to happen..."

Eh...that's the one thing I hate hearing people say. There's no release date so how can there be a delay? I understand if they confirm a date, but if all they do is announce a game they're working on you can't really say it's delayed.

Highatus3402d ago

"another blog site that needs banning"

PSLS is one of the only legitimate sites that post their articles here.

It's quite apparent that you didn't read the article, also if it doesn't interest you why even post? All you wanted to do was post a lame reply without reading the article and try to bash the site and it's authors. Opinions are like a$$holes, everyone has one but you seem to want act like one instead.

In relevance to the article itself, great article PSLS keep up the good work.

locos853402d ago

Hey do have any insider info on the Next Kojima game?? Do you know anything we don't?!?! The stupid teaser site is driving me nuts. The Metal Gear series is my fave of al time.

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Xof3403d ago

This is raw hype.

There is no substance. There is no reason to expect anything big, or even mildly large out of E3. Gaming, as a whole, simply does not have big announcements anymore.

What we have is hype and marketing.

The last big announcement in gaming history was Starcraft 2, mostly because we were all stunned Blizzard had kept it secret so long, and partly because rumors abounded of SC2 every year after Brood War. Like clockwork.

But every time E3, or TGS or any other big gaming conference rolls around, the hype picks up and rumors swirl about... then the day comes and nothing is made--and the gamers in the audience don't take notice. Too busy preparing to be swept up in the next round of mindless, baseless excitement, I guess.

Sev3403d ago

StarCraft 2 is a big announcement if you like that type of game.

Personally I didn't give a crap about the game, so that's not a big announcement at all to me.

What you perceive as a big deal may be different for someone else.

StalkingSilence3403d ago

This isn't hype - this is a great article and good reflection on past e3 announcements.

Unbiased13403d ago


I agree, but Starcraft 2 is big deal for me, even if i don't like RTS games that much but last year i played Starcraft 1 and was amazed how well balanced and fun that games is/was.

When it comes to Sonys "Megaton announcement" that 1UP mentions, i think that usually ends in FAIL, because just like you said "What you perceive as a big deal may be different for someone else. "

gamesmaster3403d ago

i completed Valkyria chronicles yesterday, and loved it. SEGA/Sony would blow my mind if they announced a sequel involving jaeger. For me that iss a big announcement.

Nikuma3403d ago

...Starcraft is flipping amazing. I'm pumped for SC2 and hope I get into the beta. Seriously the best RTS ever imo.

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DarkSniper3403d ago

Dark Sniper will certainly be enjoying what will be the greatest event in gaming history as Sony will set the stage to present the ultimate presentation in interactive gaming. He will be socializing with his fellow Sony Snipers in PlayStation Home as we receive a hands on experience that cannot be found on any other console.

Next week will spell the demolishment of Microsoft once and for all. Xbox 360 has no content that can rival the vast selection of AAA titles that Sony is preparing for E3. Not only will Sony provide their own content, but developers will soon be jumping ship by abandoning Xbox 360 development to enhance their visions by developing b3yond the Xbox 360's limitations.

Crushing the competition isnt new for Sony. First Sega, then 3D0, then Nintendo. It's only natural that Microsoft is next and Dark Sniper could not be any more pleased as he prepares his glass of Paul Masson and throws himself a party for all to enjoy.


TOO PAWNED3403d ago

Always entertaining to read, +1

Sev3403d ago

Damn, I haven't seen DarkSniper forever.

All I need now is for Zhuk to make an appearance and the world will be in balance.

OmarJA3403d ago

Zhuk is probably pissing himself right now.

Etseix3403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )

PS3 sucks lol i dunno why u all like it psfantards , it has the worst graphics ive seen, LOL to u all ps fangirls!! HAHAHA!
ps3 still is a flop in sales and thats what matters LMAO!

na.. i was tryin to replace Zhuk , some1 must sacrifice to take the place of the fanboy's comments really? .__.

Mc1873403d ago

That was funny man, but seriously where is Zhuk I almost miss his spineless vitriole.

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StalkingSilence3403d ago

I think one thing that is often overlooked is the keynote time. Like your 1995 E3 reflection. If Sony went first, SEGA could maybe have tweaked their announcement or held something back.

I LOVE that Sony goes last. yes, maybe some things don't hit home as hard and other consoles can show multiplatform titles, but Sony having the last word again this year gets me excited.

Anyone who thinks Sony'd be better off going first?

Marceles3403d ago

Nah...I think going last will make a big announcement feel bigger since there's nothing right after it to cool down the fire

IdleLeeSiuLung3403d ago

It depends on if your neighbors fire is bigger or not!

It depends on how confident you are in your showing. Basically going later means that the competition can unveil something that completely kills any PR for you afterwards since that is what everyone will be talking about. On the other and, if the competition fails, then you automatically get the upper hand since you not only can counter their showing, but also reap the benefit of being on the news longer as nothing else is coming.

StalkingSilence3403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )

haha forgot the PS3 was originally announced with: "1080p High Definition gaming, 3 Ethernet ports, 2 HDMI outputs, 6 USB ports (4 front, 2 rear), Wifi, Bluetooth 2.0, and a built-in Blu-Ray drive"
haha 2 HDMI outputs I even kinda get. but 3 gigabit ethernet ports? What was the idea there?

Looking back I remember actually thinking the PSeye rubber duck tech demo was cool when PS3 debuted. We've come a long way.

pwnsause3403d ago

so you can throw your router to the garbage.

sack_boi3403d ago

You forgot backwards compatible.

DJ3403d ago

Not many people used it, but it was nice to have.

decimalator3403d ago

3x1G ethernet, trunk them together and you've got an even bigger pipe and the ability to continue gaming if a port on your switch dies.

But yeah, not really something the average gamer would be able to make use of.

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