OXCGN Asks What's Next After Record Growth for 360

OXCGN: Sure it's been rumoured this was the case, but it's now officially official!

For all the cynics who derided Microsoft's entry into the console gaming industry a generation ago there's a whole lot of pride to swallow in that figure.

Microsoft's Xbox 360 is not only the number one HD console on the market, but Xbox Live is the number one "global entertainment network" with 20 million active members.

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DoctorQ3342d ago

for xbox xbox xbox

i have to admit, before i became a Xbox preferable gamer,
PS1 got me started,
god bless the good ole days of Resident Evil, Jurassic Park: lost world, FFVII and Tekken II
But, now,
well, all i can say is,
ha ha ha ha ha hah
we have halo a-and mass effect (i know its on PC)

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IdleLeeSiuLung3342d ago

next? Another record year of sales maybe?

XboxOZ3603342d ago

Mate, you have NO IDEA what is planned for E3, all I can say is, you'll be sitting back and going wtf, where did that come from.

Both platforms will have stellar titles at this years E3, and both will have some excellent NEW IP's and also some NEW Exclusives.

We could break the various Publishers trust and blab, like some sites might chose to, but we want to be know as a site with a high level of personal integrity. If some other site gets the news out first by breaking an embargo, then let them, we will never do that.

But rest assured, there WILL be some excellent titles at E3 for the 360.

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SL1M DADDY3342d ago

How about some games? It would be nice to see some cool new titles coming out for the 360 that would help spur us into turning it on more often for something other than Netflix. Can't wait for E3 to see what MS has up their sleeves.

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soxfan20053342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )


"The $199 360 has been outsold by the Wii by almost 2:1 in unit sales."

Where are your numbers coming from? Please post a link to where you found the 360's sales broken down by individual SKU, because I've never seen one. 360 has a $199, $299, and $399 SKU, and usually shows the $299 Pro as the most popular version. Otherwise, you just come off as a bitter PS3 fanboy trying desperately to distort the truth.

Your 2:1 "consumer dollars" arguement is also worthless unless you can somehow prove exactly how many sales the $199, $299, and $399 360's each account for, and I seriously doubt you have that information.

One fact I do know is that the Xbox was outsold by a 6:1 margin by PS2, and now, nearly 4 years into it's lifecycle, the 360 leads PS3 in total sales, and has already outsold it's predecessor by 20% in 6 months less time. 360 also continues to post 20-25% year over year increased sales from 2008 into 2009 - hardly struggling.

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Jockamo3342d ago

why does MS have to show anything? just because Sony shows stuff? MS calls its own shots and doesn't do some knee-jerk reaction if some other company shows its stuff.

MS is not letting other companies dictate marketing. It should set the trends for marketing.

Daoshai3342d ago

Does anyone know someone who bought a 360 without a harddrive? because I don't.

PS360PCROCKS3342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )

I did daoshai. I bought a launch console and it RROD 3 times and I got it fixed and now I just leave it in my bedroom as a DVD player. I traded by Wii straight up for an arcade version so it had the smaller chips.

SL1M DADDY3342d ago

I know some folks that bought 360's without HDD's. They bought them to get the in-store warranty so that when they puked they could get direct replacements instead of going through MS for the warranty work. The warranty work only applied to the RROD for a while and when they would get disc read errors or trays that would not open, they were screwed. Buying the in-store warranty saved them. That way they could get the HDD off their old system and trade in the broken system.

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ShabzS3342d ago

first party studios and pump out some more quality games

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Traveler3342d ago

Nobody can deny that Microsoft have achieved some amazing things this generation. Going from being the new kid on the block last generation that was dead last to a strong second place is a huge achievement. The competition of having the 360 in the market has also served to make Sony a better game company. I can't wait to see what's next for the 360.

FamilyGuy3342d ago

Wait what? Last i read, Sony had more active online accounts.

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SaberEdge3342d ago

Well, the gap has only widened over the past half year. The 360 was a little over 5 million ahead and now it is about 7 or 8 million ahead.

But the reason I think microsoft has done really well is because they have increased their user base at the same time the PS3 has only maintained a fraction of the PS2 user base. Nobody thought the 360 would do as well against the PS3 as it has, let alone be ahead of it.

And despite all the talk, the 360 will probably once again have the better holiday lineup and will have more retail success as well.

soxfan20053342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )


Your "average annual sales" arguement is misleading. In 2008, Both 360 and PS3 sold around 10.5 million consoles each - meaning 360 had a pretty large leap from the 8.7 million average you mention. So for in 2009, 360 sales are up 20-25% over 2008, while PS3 sales are down compared to last year. 360 is heading in one direction and PS3 is heading in another. Maybe PS3 did outsell 360 in 2007, and that gave PS3 it's higher overall "annual" average. But, I live in 2009, and in 2009 360 clearly leads PS3 by a wide margin. If you want to live in the past - go right ahead.

Superfragilistic3342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )

Using average annual sales is a furfie and not a measure used to project future sales. It's a very good way to not see the forest for the trees.

The key measure is year on year sales as it indicates sales momentum and future sales potential. An annual average doesn't show who is accelerating, who is on cruise control and who is slowing down.

In that regard the PS3 has had falling year on year sales now for over six months. Sony is doing all the right things so far to address this with a nice 09/10 exclusive lineup... but they need a dramatic price cut which I expect at E3.

The Xbox 360 has been accelerating for over six months now and the Wii has slowed a little to enter cruise control at a speed that no-one else can match... for now.

Megatron083341d ago

the average annual sales for the ps3 isnt even close to 9 million. its been out for 30 months and sold 21 million. so that put its average annual sales at something like around 8 million. plus the average price of a 360 is 299. also like sox point out 360sales are goin up while the ps3 is goin down.

ThanatosDMC3341d ago

Where did these guys come from... where's the rock they hid under when Sony announced exclusives after exclusives plus that Trico video.

Anyway, where's all the PS fans?? This is not the N4G i know and love! Where's the hate???

Anyway, i'll start.

Double Account, RROD, E74, refurbished 360s are also counted?! No way!

I hated Mass Effect personally... i wanted to kill everybody that had even a minute long dialogue... which probably explains why i killed every in Fallout 3 and Oblivion. I also chainsawed Manny from GTA4.

Two hour long DLCs sure are fun... not to mention "title updates".

Chest thumping as loud as possible before you lose a fight... i think that's what gorrilas do against a fully loaded tank... errr Warhawk.

Wait... nvm... i failed.

FamilyGuy3341d ago

If anyone is curious as to where all the PS3 supporters/enthusiast are the answer is simple:

They are busy playing/being addicted to inFamous. Spending much less time on this website and a lot more time on the games. As they should.

Happens every time there is a big release for either side of the "war"

ThanatosDMC3341d ago

Ah, that makes a lot of sense... im one of the few that didnt put money for Infamous but imported two copies of Demon's Souls instead. I'll be gone once i get my hands on it.

I have money saved up for Fat Princess, Uncharted 2, MAG, Lost Planet 2, Dead Rising 2, and whatever else after E3 that i like.

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Sorla133342d ago

wow, thats pretty good,

maybe one day,
PS3 could catch up :P

Beth3o3342d ago

oh please, this'll only last until E3 when PS announce something EPIC
have fun while it lasts

lokiroo4203342d ago

sales hah, 30% failure rate=false lead! same old song and dance for the box boys.

n4gno3342d ago

DO you prefer selling 9 at 400, or 10 at 200 (lol)...

Only US patriots (lol) save the rodd machine, it's already dead in japan, and same thing in europe when price cut will come

kaveti66163341d ago (Edited 3341d ago )

Hm, if I'm selling those 400 dollar consoles at a 50 dollar loss per console, then no. I'd rather sell 10 consoles for 200 dollars a piece and make a profit. But thanks for playing.

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REALgamer3342d ago

I have 360 and PS3, but it's good to see both have had strong sales.

I'm surprised it was a record year for MS though, I thought it would barely break even with 2007 because of the state of the economy.

Pretty big jump over the sales of the original Xbox.

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Superfragilistic3342d ago

Better than a big fall *cough, cough*. ;)

II Necroplasm II3342d ago

It's eating at Walther causing him to spin.

XboxOZ3603342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )

Do some research mate. The 1st-Gen Xbox was NEVER meant to have a long life. It was designed to do 2 things, which it did. It was designed to be pulled 12 months after the 360 was released, which it was.

It was meant to simply get developers and publishers onside, and make way for the 360.

Did you know that the 360, which was a code name for it well before anyone mentioned it publiclly, was under the conception as early as 2001-2.

There's two excellent books anyone that wants to know not only about the 360 and the 1st-gen xbox was about, but also just how close MS came to acquiring Nifty Nintendo and what took place with the PS2 and the PS3 prior to the official announcements.

These books are Opening The Xbox and Xbox 360 Uncloaked by Dean Takahashi. One of the industries best and most respected writers

No offense meant Walter - okay, just asking that ppl do some research, as they will find lots of great info on the two major platform, both good and bad that will have you sitting back and going wtf were they thinking.

SL1M DADDY3342d ago

That's not something to be proud of given the state of affairs the 360 has had to deal with. RROD has shown us that no matter how many years in advance MS starts developing a console, it won't help. Perhaps MS needs to take time and evaluate their tactics and spend more time devoted to making quality products and not rushing it out the door before it is finished. Hopefully, after the mistake they made this gen, they will have learned and will not make the same mistake twice.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

n4gno3342d ago

Its' just a xbot blog doing stupid marketing (for free).

don't believe all they say.

gaminoz3342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )

@ RealGamer

I'm with you. I have all 3 consoles, but barely play my Wii, mostly use my PS3 for the exclusives and blu ray, and just like the 360 better for gaming (and controller).

Mind you, a couple of my most exciting games (Uncharted 2 and Heavy Rain) are PS3 exclusives.

There is no doubt though when talking with game retail managers that the 360 is doing better in sales here in Oz than the PS3. MGS4, Resistance 2 and Killzone 2 only made a blip in console sales. (Though I was one of the blips when I got the old 40 gig PS3 for MGS4).

If there is to be a next Xbox sooner than later, it'd better be more reliable. I'm on my 4th.

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REALgamer3342d ago

In the bottom pic in that article, it has a 360 with the media remote and controller floating next to it!

Where's my hovering controllers?!

Maybe it's hint of a new 360 ready to be unveiled: first they went wireless, now they go gravity-less!

I can dream...

LightofDarkness3342d ago

What's next after their record growth? How 'bout you all stop patting yourselves on the back and BRING ME SOME NEW GOD DAMN GAMES THAT I CAN'T GET ANYWHERE ELSE. How's that for putting the right foot forward?

Seriously, I haven't touched my 360 since I played Fallout 3 and Gears 2. That was nearly 6 months ago (if not more). I'm not trying to bash here, but the thing just sits there...

Daoshai3342d ago

halo wars, chronicles of riddick, SO4, SF4, RE5, theres been lots of games that have come out. Maybe you just don't play games?

LightofDarkness3342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )

I don't like Star Ocean 4 and Halo Wars wasn't a deep enough strategy game for me. I bought SFIV for my PS3 (d-pad) and played RE5 on my PS3 as well. I also bought Riddick for my PC.

Now, note how I particularly singled out games that I can't get anywhere else. Maybe you just don't read?

EDIT: I have L4D and FEAR 2 on PC. Any game I can get on PC or 360/PS3 I will get on PC first. I have a very powerful machine that's about to get even more powerful. Now how about we stop pretending that what I said is a completely invalid criticism.

PS360PCROCKS3342d ago

Really maybe I'm just behind but I've played Fable 2 and Left 4 Dead after Gears 2. Plus Street Fighter, resi evil 5, Fear 2 and I'm getting prototype. and InFAMOUS on PS3 soon.

Daoshai3342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )

actually I was replying to the comment that says you haven't touched the 360 for 6 months and I'm sorry I just don't believe you even have a 360. But thats just me, if you do feel free to add me Daoshai. Both PSN and 360.

LightofDarkness3342d ago

shanm7561 is my user name. You'll see I've had my 360 since launch.

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