BUZZ Comes to PlayStation Home

Rob Alvarez on Official US PlayStation Blog:

"Great news BUZZ! fans!

We're going to launch a brand new space in PlayStation Home called BUZZ! HQ, where players can chat and meet up with other trivia fans in a new lobby area or take part in a massive 64-player BUZZ! trivia showdown!"

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heyheyhey3371d ago

this looks like the best space so far... i was anticipating this one a while ago, looks really fun and i love the integration with the Buzz website.. it'll keep the space fresh

DeforMAKulizer3371d ago

Wow!!! Quite awesome content!!! =D
Can't wait to try out the home game!
Its awesome where home is heading to... A massive 64 player game... Didnt expect that...
E3 please come now!!!

ColossiSlayer3371d ago

wow that is pretty impressive for Home. I wonder what the future has in store for Homies. Besides the long ago promised expanded multi screen movie theater, and the Home Movie Studio i bought....

DanSolo3371d ago

Looks like a cool use of a Home space.
Probably won't be on the sh!tty european Home though as we don't get any of the good stuff! lol

They should just scrap the european Home and merge it with the US one.

Rama262853371d ago

There is an alternative link to the EU blog, so I'm going to presume that means it's coming to the European Home also.

Other than that, I do agree that the US Home get's more stuff than us. Doesn't matter though, as it's easy enough to create another account to access it :)

The gaming GOD3371d ago

Remember how the media and everyone gave Sony so much gripe and whining about HOME (which they still TRY to do at times)?

Slowly all that moaning and complaining the media has done is getting quiet. They are starting to get serious with the game launching. The now frequent influx of new spaces, most of which have games and/or free stuff you can earn.

Not to mention more and more companies are jumping aboard the HOME bandwagon.

Pretty soon people won't have anything at all to whine about in regard to HOME. But alas, you KNOW people will downright lie and fabricate just for the sake of discrediting.

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The story is too old to be commented.