Prototype mission #7 walkthrough video

A video showing Prototype executive producer Tim Bennison walking us through Mission #7 of the game.

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kapedkrusader3218d ago

...Game looks cool, but I thought the graphics looked a little dated.

Christopher3218d ago

Yeah, art direction could have been much better with this game.

I do like seeing the structured mission style. I hope this one mission they've talked about a lot isn't the only one that follows a certain structure since I think the 'do it anyway you want' style typically turns into watered down and simplistic mission objectives.

WildArmed3218d ago

the gameplay seemed amazing!

mission seemed dull buts dats ok. There are probably better missions :D

Graphics were honestly ps2/xbox graphics or atleast EARLY 360 n ps3 graphics.
This is quite late into the next-gen cycle, didn't expect that bad graphics..
Mercenaries 2 has better graphics =/

But i love the adapting traversing. looks awesome

Mu5afir3218d ago

One of only two sandbox games this year.. should be enjoyable to play.

4Sh0w3218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

The shapeshifting, stealth kills, kickass moves with the way Alex can run up walls a leap anywhere, identity theft while discovering lost memories, add some blood n gore, vehicles to commandier and this game really stands out.

Heres some sick gameplay stuff with nice explosions and alot of on screen action especially with Alex takes over the tank:

Eiffel3218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

The graphics are limited for many reasons. Do you know how much can happen on screen while playing through it smoothly. The games graphics were never meant to be top line. Tim stated this himself in a interview with Gameinformer. His whole plan was to offer a title with graphics at a standard line but show more attention to the gameplay aspect. Allow the player to cause as much mayhem and destruction without the whole issue of laggy loading times.

I however think the gameplay makes up for the graphics. But honestly who cares it will sell well and please its consumers. Me being one of them.

II Necroplasm II3218d ago

I'm going to be having too much fun playing rather than looking at the polygon count.

SaberEdge3218d ago

Neither Infamous nor Prototype blow me away with their graphics, but it is the gameplay that is most important. Good performance is also extremely important for a game of this type. You can't have massive amounts of slow-down, screen tearing or pop-in or it will really detract from the fluidity of the gameplay. Open world games are generally never going to look as good as more confined types of games anyway (ok, ok, except for Assassin's Creed which looked absolutely stunning).

Sucker Punch were wise enough to know that they should focus on the gameplay and engine performance before sheer graphical dazzle and that is why that game turned out so good. I am glad that the developers of Prototype seem to have taken the same approach.

Why o why3218d ago

none of them are graphical beasts but Infamous is definitely better on that front. Those hulk game engine traits are all to familiar. The buildings look very very plain in terms of details and all seem very sharp. This may be a trick just to keep the speed up but thats not my point. Lets see how the gameplay holds up

Tony P3217d ago

Good looking game. More than that, the action looks very fluid and fun. I don't see the Hulk comparisons other than dealing out massive damage when you need to. Did Hulk have you stealing helicopters and absorbing your victim's experiences as well?

Honest question, I never played any of the games.

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blitz06233218d ago

hmmm the Shapeshifting power is similar to that of Sylar's in the series Heroes. he also absorbs some memory. anyway, for a shapeshifter, it sure is surprising to see him walk sideways to climb buildings, and also jump very high

Cajun Chicken3218d ago

Going to love this! Glad I preordered this as I did with Infamous!!!

i got the ghey3218d ago

the game looks awesome with so much to do, the mission structure was also highlight. ive read that mission structure will always be a mixture of objectives with different gameplay options (decieve vs destroy).
i knew it was gonna be a great game but im actually relieved that it doesnt follow the old regular GTA4 "drive here, shoot everyone, grab diamonds/heroin/money, lose wanted level, end"

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