Tomb Raider: Underworld Trophy List

Full Trophy List by caliblue15. Exactly the same as the 360 achievements!

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caliblue153341d ago

I might have to buy this game now.. I know, I'm a trophy whore..

CoxMulder3341d ago

Play games, not trophies

caliblue153341d ago

My wonder is because they are the same, why couldn't they release this earlier? Laziness?

TOO PAWNED3341d ago

Maybe because game sold better on PS3 believe it or not...Either way i might check this one now...

caliblue153341d ago

You might want to read my post again... lol. I said since they are the same WHY are they being released so late, your statement has nothing to do with that.

PirateThom3341d ago

I think it got trophies, partly because it got them in Japan on release and partly because it became part of the Platinum range in Europe last week.

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Nelson M3341d ago

Haa Ha
What a load of last Gen Crap

Drake says Hi

4wire3341d ago

Or will I have to play it again?

caliblue153341d ago

Not retroactive that I know of.

IrishRepublicanArmy3341d ago

to play this after playing uncharted.....