WWII, by sea and by air - G&M reviews Battlestations Pacific

The complexity and scope of the Second World War is almost unimaginable, which is why most game developers choose to focus their work on a single facet of the conflict. Shooters deliver the foot soldier experience, aerial combat games show us the fight to win the skies, and strategy games offer a 10,000-foot perspective of the conflict without letting players get dirty in the trenches.

Eidos deserves kudos, then, for trying to capture more than just one of the war's elements in Battlestations Pacific (Xbox 360, PC), a longer and more robust follow-up to their excellent Battlestations Midway. The game lets players helm battleships and submarines, fly fighters and bombers, man artillery guns, and control groups of units as a commander. What's more, it spans the breadth of the world's largest ocean and features two separate campaigns (more than two-dozen missions) allowing players to experience the Pacific war from both the Japanese and American perspective, delineating the motivations and difficulties faced by both sides. No one would claim it to be comprehensive, but it's remarkable nonetheless.

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