Gaming Nexus: Hysteria Hospital Preview

Gaming Nexus writes: "The concept of Hysteria Hospital is a bit overused. It's been used in the Diner Dash games, as well its spin-offs, copy-cats, and plenty of other games. The storyline behind the game is simple- you are a doctor in a hospital, and you must serve your numerous and very impatient patients...

In the demo, I was given 5 levels to progress through, which is more than enough to understand the object of the game, which is this- heal or bandage as many patients as you can before time, and their patience, runs out. The more you serve, the more money you get. If you don't reach your goal in time, you lose, and have to restart the level until you reach it. From what I played, the game isn't very difficult, or at least doesn't get difficult until much later stages of the game."

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