Feed Your Console: Impressions - Ea Sports Active

Feed Your Console says:

The fine folks over at EA have set me up with a copy of EA Active and after spending a few days with it, it's now time to start my 30 Day challenge and do my review for those of you still on the fence.

For $64.99 CDN, you get the game, a resistance band, and leg strap for the Wii-Chuck. The game, and I say "game" very hesitantly, because this title makes no mistake about it - It's an exercise tool. I'm an extremely critical person of the Wii Fit for a variety of reasons. Mainly how often you have to stop what your doing in order to find the next exercise which in my opinion is a huge pain in the... and how the it doesn't actually set out any predetermined routines. Active has addressed all of my gripes in droves.

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