GameOver Review: ZEN Pinball

GamerOver writes: "There have been a lot of really good pinball video games over the years, which usually take one of two forms: either it's a complete departure from reality, or it's as close to an actual table as the developers can get it. Zen Pinball falls mostly into the latter camp.

Download this, and you get four original pinball tables: V12, Tesla, Shaman, and El Dorado, each with a different theme. The tables mostly stick to relatively simple gimmicks, like wireframe tracks and a variety of targets, but a couple of nods to the format have been made. Your ball starts to glow white-hot as it picks up speed, for instance, and some of the special events will flash an icon onscreen. For the most part, though, you're getting a virtual pinball table, which could easily be built in real life with minimal problems."

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