WorthPlaying: Monster Hunter Freedom Unite Developer Interview

WorthPlaying writes: "With over 500 hours of gameplay and previously unreleased monsters, weapons and missions, Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is set to be the biggest game of the series so far. Via Ad-Hoc functionality, players can experience the social gaming phenomenon that's gripping Japan and adventure with up to three friends for a thrilling and savaging multiplayer hunting party. From devising the strategy to executing the attack, team play with your friends is going to be key to hunting down the ferocious beasts."

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Johnny Rotten3340d ago

This would a good time for Sony to come out with the Ad-Hoc Party in other territories other than Japan. The demo was good but there's no way I can put that many hours into playing it by myself.

Chris3993340d ago

Apparently you can download and use if off of the Japanese PSN Store, but I haven't tried it out yet.