Ubisoft Working On PS4, Xbox 720 Games

As part of Ubisoft's financial report released yesterday, company founder Yves Guillemot said "10 percent of Ubisoft's workforce is working on developing games for the next generation of game systems that will eventually replace [the] Wii, [the] Xbox 360 and Sony's PlayStation 3."

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Ninver3407d ago (Edited 3407d ago )

umm maybe for the Wii and the 360 cause i certainly don't think a ps4 is coming anytime soon. There is still a substantial amount of power hidden inside the ps3 and going by old wacko kens previous designs, i'd say there won't be a need for ps4 for a looooooooong time.

Trophy achieved: Investment secured.

@ below: why so serious. Don't tell me you're one of those miserable people who take the internet so seriously lol. Probably the only friend you have.

3407d ago
Gamertags3407d ago

Anyone with a bit of common sense knows that Sony and MS are both working on a new generation of system. The PS3 may be on the market for 10 years but that doesn't mean it will be the only Sony console.

The PS3 certainly has untapped potential but so does the 360. You can look at the games on both systems and see that they are very comparable in terms of power. Within this generation we are not going to see a game that simply can not be done on either system.

Lifendz3407d ago

This is what...year four for the 360 and year 3 for the PS3? And it probably takes 3 years to make a game so by that point I guess we will be seeing the next console launch. Wow time flies.

mvern783407d ago

@Gamertags - I agree you might even see Sony run with three consoles for a time. The PS2 is still selling and games are still being released for it.

Maybe the release of the PS4 will mean the end of the PS2... but running multiple consoles doesn't seem to be an issue for Sony.

Time will tell.

AAACE53407d ago

I hope you don't really believe that the Ps4 will come out as part of Sony's 10 year plan?

The 10 year plan for the Ps3 is the same as the one for the Ps2. The Ps3 came out for the big developers to make new games on, while the Ps2 became the cheap "kiddie system" (as Sony put it).

I believe the Ps3 still has alot of untapped potential, but more than likely, they will announce the Ps4 with the other next gen consoles or a year after. Cause honestly, people like buying the new thing.

For some reason, I think they will launch the new consoles next year, but I hope I am wrong! Then again, with the Xbox 360 needing more disc space... it is a possibility!

DeadlyFire3407d ago

All three new systems are coming in 2010/2011. DirectX 11 for Xbox 3. Open GL/Intel's API for PS4 or NES 6.

Xbox 3 - 2010
PS4 - 2011
NES 6 - 2011

You can work without specs. As long as when you get the specs you can tweak your game and optimize it. I for one am glad Ubisoft is finally taking a step forward in working on its games. I hate the bug riddled mess that some of their games have had. Its not like we don't know what the next consoles are going to use anyway. Xbox 3 will use DirectX 11 and if PS4 or NES 6 use Intel's API it will emulate DirectX 11 if its needed or Open GL if its needed. Ported games will work 1000 times better this way. Open GL 3 SDK and DirectX 11 SDK is already out there or not far away so they have the right tools to work with for next generation stuff.

Yeah yeah. PS3 is powerful and all and might actually support a few PS4 games on its hardware with PS4/PS3 releases, but Sony has a plan set in stone. 5 years = new console & Death of 10 year old console. In 2011 PS2 hits 10 years and PS4 is ripe to produce. PS3 might last little longer than PS2 with great games and that is the plan. For each generation to get better and better and lasting longer. PS2 lasted good 6-7 years before most jumped away to new platforms to develop. PS3 will likely last 7-8 years.

Gamertags3407d ago

The issue with the 360 and more discs isn't that big of a deal. I remember playing on the PS2, PS1 games that would take up as many as 4, 5, 6+ discs.

The 360 has had a terrific run this generation. Without a doubt, they will be the first to the market with the next generation system. What will be interesting to see is how Sony plans on keeping up. They were late to this generation and have yet to bring anything that isn't comparable to the table. If MS releases a new system, what would Sony's plans consist of?

Something to think about. Personally, it is exciting!

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DeadlyFire3407d ago

I am almost 99% certain that Sony will stick with Blu-Ray and Microsoft will use HVD.

For the ones that don't know HVD format is said to go up to 3.9 TB on a disc at least that is the claim. Right now only 100 GB discs are ready for commercial use. Plans for up to 300-400 Gb discs set for next couple of years or so. Also there is a plus for HVD it plays Blu-Ray discs. So Microsoft could use it and say we can play Blu-Ray movies as well. So its win/win for Microsoft. More Disc space + Blu-Ray. I don't think Microsoft would accept Blu-Ray in any other way.

Blu-Ray isn't going to be stuck with same small discs though. There is a new Blu-Ray 16 layered disc coming in 2010 set for up to 400 GB discs and the tech can even work with all current Blu-Ray players including the PS3 I believe.

FlameBaitGod3407d ago

On November PS2 hits 3 years, still not 3 years

Tomdc3407d ago

PS4 wont come out till at least 2014 i bet cha

ikaris3406d ago

lifedz is the only one so far to say something reasonable. Bubblez to you.

Any company is going to be looking far down the timeline, and getting launch games has always been a big thing for console start ups, and it takes a damn long time to make games, especially if the team has to learn new architecture. What do we as gamers really know about this stuff? Obviously not much... n4g comments are going downhill....
this console war is silly.

Freak of Nature3406d ago (Edited 3406d ago )

This should be no surprise to most people here...This goes far beyond UBI....

I have worked on pre-viz and target renders for 3 seperate proto-types/projects in just the past 4 Months...8 in total in over a year...

It's awful nice not having low ceilings/limitations compromise your vision and creativity....Nothing like lots of power under the hood...

lsujester3406d ago

It's relatively easy to have at least some idea of the consoles future hardware. Both Sony and MS will be talking to developers about their plans. Even when they don't have specific hardware specs, they will at least have a timeline, which will let them have an approximation just based off of what PC technology is around at the time.

For instance, look at the PS3 and 360. The RSX for the PS3 is basically a modified GeForce 7800, while the Xenos of the 360 is largely an R600 family card, which ATI offically launched not too long after the 360. To look at what hardware will likely be in the next consoles, just look at what PC hardware is around about a year or so before their expected launch dates.

Bnet3433406d ago

I love the way everyone is speculating what year the next systems will come out as if they really know.

jammy_703406d ago


i mean ps4 and 720? yeah watever....

DeathMetal3406d ago (Edited 3406d ago )

you mean the hidden power of the 4 generations old 7800gt that it uses for graphics. LOL! The Ps3 will not even come close to lasting 10 years that is such a pipedream.

lsujester3406d ago


Depends on how you look at it. I can see them selling it and making some money off of it for many years. The PS2 is nine years old now and some people are still buying them.

I can see the PS3 selling for a long time. Will it be a major figure in the sales charts for ten years? No. But will it be on the market for ten years? Possibly.

pain777pas3406d ago

Alittle early but development costs are insanely high so the earlier the better I guess.

DMasta7183406d ago

It would be dumb for Sony and Microsoft to release new consoles next year.

Both consoles haven't even reached half time left plus there is still a great amount of potential in the 360 & PS3 to just release another one next year.

Realistically, I see 2012/2013 being the release of new consoles. These consoles life spans might be longer then expected.

7ero H3LL3406d ago

you know it's kinda funny that people are saying that 360's life will be short when in fact Microsoft them selves want to sell 50,000,000 units.

it took almost 4 years to hit 30 so it's going to take quite some time to hit 20 or 30 more. so on the contrary to what the majority thinks of MS, Microsoft is very optimistic about the 360.

godofthunder103406d ago

I'm tired of ps3 fanboys acting bias and thinking the ps4 wont come out till 10 years after the ps3 been out.The fact is that all 3 companies are working on the next systems already.They start about 3 years before they release them.They already had a few reports that claim that the new systems will all be out at the same time.The people that think sony will release the ps4 1 year later then the new xbox shouldn't run a buisness.The reason that the 360 has overachevied what it wanted this gen for microsoft is because they released the 360 1 year ahead of the ps3.The reason that the ps3 underchieved what sony wanted to do was because it came out a year earlier.

If sony don't release the ps4 the same time as the new xbox they might as well shoot theirselfs because the ps will be dead.The fact is that microsoft will own sony.Not only will fans of the 360 buy the new 1 but people that have a ps3 will buy 1 to because it will be more powerful then the ps3 and sony wont have a new system out till a few more years.ps3 fanboys that belive sony wont release their new system along with microsoft new system must not think to much of the people that's running sony.Coming out a year earlier is what put microsoft in 2nd place and the ps3 in last.Sony knows this and they wont let it happen again.

They have some ps3 fanboys that's even worse.they have to say a stupid bias remark like "Trophy achieved:Investment secured".The people that belive the ps3 wont be out dated in another 3 years are just pathetic and ridiculious fanboys.The fact is that you could take the most powerful computer today and they are outdated in a year or 2 and that's a fact.hell the ps3 was already unable to handle crysis and it came out over a year ago and that's a fact.

Ps3 fanboys nedd to stop sayoing bias,stupid,pathetic and ridiculious remarks.For exsample,they had 1 fanboy saying investment secured.I don't know what planet he's from but the ps3was allready unable to handle crysis,so just think what will happen later on.The fact is that it's very seldom that a system stays around untill it programers use all it's power.The ps3 isn't the most powerful electronic in the world like ps3 fanboys think.

ps3 fanboys need to start acting their age instead of acting childish and making stupid remarks.Like it or not sony isn't happy with the ps2 and i don't care how ps3 fanboys spin it.Sony thought that they would dominate like they always do.they never thought in a million years that they would be last place.I know they don't like the ideal but they don't have to lie and spin it like sony is happy where they are,hell no one is happy about being in last place after a little over 2 years they been out.Ps3 fanboys need to stop all this trash talking because so far the ps3 never lived up to what they been saying every since they heardf it was coming out.Ps3 fanboys claimed that the ps3 will out sale the 360 in the 1st six month it was out and that didn't happen.They said wait till next year and that didn't happen,then they said wait till the end on the year and that didn't happen.The fact is that they are always making excuses why the ps3 isn't in 1st place.The next thing they will say is that the ps3 could have beaten the 360 if sony didn't release the ps4 the same time as the new xbox.I always hear ps3 fanboys claiming that the ps3 games look a lot better then the 360 graphic.The fact is that i've seen ps3 games.I'll admitt that they have some that look a little beter and i mean a little better then some 360 games.I also seen games on the 360 that looks beter then games on the ps3.people could go round and round about this.The fact is that it's not worth paying $200 more for a ps3 when you have to almost be a professional to see the difference.I suggest ps3 fanboys get a life and face reality that the ps4 will be out before 10 years,as a matter of fact it will be out the same time as the new xbox.

Nihilism3405d ago

so true, but lets not forget that the cell is more powerful that an i7 965( sarcasm) console people don't know what good graphics are....i do enjoy playing crysis on very high with aa, and at 1680*1050, not 1280*768 like kz2 runs at, ta ta

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Arsenal4Ever3407d ago

how can they be working on games now, with what hardware specs?

Marquis_de_Sade3407d ago

Developers will be given development kits before we know the hardware specs, NDAs have been signed preventing the specs to be leaked.

fjtorres3407d ago

Performance specs is all that is needed for preliminary work.
They can easily be assuming that the basic game engine (whether in-house or external middleware) will allow for 1080p/60 rendering with antialiasing and be laying out the character designs, environments, and other long-lead-time game design features that will be independent of gaming architecture.
Remember, a lot of the plumbing in current games is pure middleware with known interfaces so you don't need to know that lies under the middleware to get going.

They, also, of course have access to insider info under NDA, so they may already know that the NextBox will be running off 4 Valhalla chips with 2GB RAM or the that the PS4 will be running off an Intel Larrabee or 2 cells and an NVidia 8800 or whatever the final choices end up being.

The hardware is secondary, children; its *all* about the middleware for the next generation.

sniper-squeak3407d ago (Edited 3407d ago )

look at games like GT5 and Alan Wake... if developers had been "working" on these with the knowledge that they wud take so long to develop because they are such brilliant games then they would be Day 1 release titles...

And games like MS1 and R1 wouldn't have been rushed to become day 1 releases...

If game dev's start working on Massive games now, for the next, next generation, what with increasing storage capacity then it's a very wise move indeed. And we will see great day 1 release titles. Planning ahead for something regarding technology is Wise. Even I do it.

JsonHenry3407d ago

You beat me to it. But don't waste your breath on this site. It is mostly a waste of time trying to talk common sense and technical sense.

Gorgon3407d ago

At this moment no hardware specs are set in stone. In fact the are no SDKs available yet. There are some ideas of what the new hardware can be, but nothing is set. Ubisoft is doing what other companies do, that is, they are making a rough estimate of what will be achievable by, say, 2011 with middle range GPUs and CPUs. As someone said before, native 1080p with 30/60 fps for games in general is perfectly expectable.

What will happen is that later, when dev kits become available and the hardware specs are decided, then they will fine tune what they have already and adapt to the final specs. Thats what happened with MGS4, if you rememeber the article interview with Kojima, in which he states that he had to bring his vision of MGS4 down from the initial plans once the actual final specs and SDKs of the PS3 became available.

For now devs will just develop with an idead of what hardware will be abble to achieve by 2010/2011 in mind. At least MS and SOny have by this time been sending rough proposals for future hardware for consultation with devs, to get their imput and opinions, so there's absolutely nothing set in stone at this time.

Hope that helps.

Tito Jackson3406d ago

they sign NDAs, and then receive a list of basic specs to live up to. as long as the final work is compiled by the a specific shell---something pertaining to the structured language given in the NDA. I know its sounds complicated, but its easy. Think of it like this. You know when you go to school, you are going to have a math class. Now what kind of math, is important to know, yes, but Math in itself works off the same basic principles. Hope this helped.

DeathMetal3406d ago

something like a engineering sample of the new nvidia 300 series and some sort of quad or octo corecpu would be my guess. Intel just released an 8 core xeon. Obviously pure speculation but that would be my guess

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n4gn4gn4gn4g3407d ago

'the next generation of game systems that will eventually replace [the] Wii, [the] Xbox 360 and Sony's PlayStation 3' means a PS3 and PS4...perhaps they are working on interface technologies that will apply to a whole range of things like onLive, Apple TV Plus, portable gaming etc etc.

MetalGearBear 3407d ago

PS4 and Xbox720 is released after 2012 if we survived.

fjtorres3407d ago

...takes 4+ years to develop, precisely because the final hardware isn't fully known until very late in the development cycle.

Everything is still pointing at a 2012-2013 launch for the next wave of consoles.

DeadlyFire3407d ago (Edited 3407d ago )

We will survive. Many might be in chaos and may be time of despair, but humanity as a whole will live through it. You have the date wrong though. Its December 20th 2012. We will survive after it though. I don't know what it is if anything to worry about though. Might just be big solar storm or just World War 3 or a Final World War. Could you imagine World War right now with weapons we have?

Could just be nothing, but a glitch in the system though. Even Mayans have another Atun or age of time after that to come. They could of just died out before they finished making timescales and calenders though. Its nothing I plan to worry about.

As far as everything pointing towards 2012-2013. You are wrong my friend. Cell 2, Blu-Ray 16 layered format, XDR 2, Larabee are all set for 2010. That means PS4 ready in 2011. Not only that though there is USB 3, SATA 3, PCI Express 3, DDR 4, and other things set for 2010 for PC and hardware use. Open GL 3 is out there so PS4, and NES 6 are ready for development and DirectX 11 is out there as well. If Intel's new API works in emulating DirectX 11 or Open GL as needed on other hardware then it will open a new box. It will allow for so many things. PC/Mac Compatibility will grow enormously. Ports for Next-Generation consoles will be easier than ever if they adapted to this API.

TheBand1t3406d ago

2012 is laughable, at best. I mean, seriously? You guys didn't learn your lesson with the Y2K BS?

Btw, where are the Mayans? I don't see any around anymore. So why are you taking a dead civlization's word for it?

lsujester3406d ago

Amen. This 2012 nonsense is just retarded. Thinking the world will end because a Mayan calendar cycle ended is like thinking the earth's landscape will never change if Rand McNally goes out of business.

bunbun7773406d ago

I love reading about nex gen stuff, and i love reading about 2012--whatta great thread!

but seriously, there is something very interesting about December 2012. Forget the Y2K stuff, it has to do with our galaxy and how it relates to the milky way. If our galaxy was say a plate of spaghetti, and the milky way was another, bigger plate of spaghetti.... well up to 2012 our "plate" has been above the milky ways axis. After that special day, we will then be on the bottom of the axis, our "plate" will then be below the milky ways "plate"---

This possibly relates to sunspots, or sun activity-- look it up , pretty neat stuff~

And bring on the NextBox, am i the only one a little excited? Seriously, I'm not a total buffoon, but what are the chances they will release another console with 33% plus breakage----it has to be better....right?

lsujester3406d ago (Edited 3406d ago )

Yeah, but much of that "crossing the plane of the Milky Way" isn't accurate. When looking at records, there does seem to be some general correlation between some mass extinctions and the solar system's orbit oscillations, but the doomsday date of 2012 isn't a time in which the solar system will be crossing it. That isn't due for many thousands of years.

However, the Sun, from our point of view, will be crossing the plane on that day. But this happens a couple times a year already, so nothing big there. I think the original confusion came from the fact that the Southern Solstice would be taking place along the galactic plane. Add to the fact that we'll be within a solar maximum at that time, and you have an instant doomsday prophecy.

poeo3406d ago

dude, basic astronomy, our galaxy IS the Milky Way. that's its name. and 2012 theories are weak at best.

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StanLee3407d ago

Tim Sweeney has been working on UE4 for almost 2 and a half years and Epic has said the engine will not run on current generation hardware. All 3 console makers have been in the R&D stages on a new console for about just as long. While Sony are committed to supporting the PS3 for 10 years, I'm sure we'll see a new PlayStation before then.

GIJeff3405d ago

and look what happened there? the engine wasn't meant for console specs. UT3 looks and plays amazing on a nice gaming PC, but on consoles(BOTH 360 and PS3) its a choppy and jaggy mess. I hope the new engine focuses back on speed, not shiny. The original UT was amazing.